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How to keep the weight off once you have lost it?

Nothing happens until something moves - Albert Einstein

Party is over, people. Time to get back to my usual life minus parties and weddings. Summer is just around the corner and I better be ready to welcome it with fabulously fit body [;)]. Surprisingly, a few people have asked me the same question in last few weeks. I thought I will make a post out of it and answer it here! Some of you who have been following my fitness drama have informed me that you have finally got the hang of it and are doing great in that area. [Congratulationsssss! It's such an achievement ... Yay!

However, few of you have asked me how I managed to keep the pounds off me for past few years? Here's how,
  1. Eat everything but in small portions. I do not deprive myself of anything. History has taught me that if I do, I only end up binge eating at one or the other point
  2. Restrict Alcohol. I do not drink more than may be once a month (actually even less!) and never over 2 drinks! [Preferably!] I am good, almost 9/10 times!
  3. Help of my partner. Me and Dr. Fab workout together (whenver we can). This way when one of us is losing our path of sanity the other one intervenes.
  4. Keep challenging myself. I like every form of workout. Indoors/Outdoors. Yoga/Kickboxing. Cardio/Strength. It helps me stay motivated and interested
  5. Support Groups. I have formed my own circle of support. I am in touch with ALL my personal trainers. It kinda feels like I have to always prove myself to them [Just like how we still want to prove to our school teachers that we are still good students?!?]
  6. Cook it! I try and cook my food at least 5 days of the week. I avoid eating processed and outside food as much as possible. [Holidays and vacations don't count :P]
  7. Public Humiliation. With this blog and pictures and my inability to shut up! I have dug a grave for myself. I cannot lose face in front of everyone by becoming fat and unhealthy now, can I? 
  8. Love my clothes. I do not have the heart to throw/give away so many clothes. I cannot be fat or change in size 'coz if I do what will happen to all my amazing clothes? I workout so that my clothes have a roof over their head ... [Drama Queen is back people! :P]
  9. Love Myself. I do! I do not like being sick, or weak or even bloated. I like feeling strong and having the mental and physical strength to over come any obstacle. 
  10. My Life. Over time working out and eating healthy is no more 'a part of my life'. It is in fact 'my whole life' and I like it like that. [To each their own, though!]
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