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Nothing is original! Really?

Disclaimer: I do not mean to sound bitter in this post. I am conveniently confronting the demons in my life. I know 'everyone' reads my blog and the guilty shall feel the guilt! [Am I mean or what? **]

Last year I had discussed the topic of originality. While few had agreed with my point-of-view, some also gave me feedback that - Nothing is original! Point being, that most of our thoughts are inspired and/or influenced by what we see/hear around us. Fair enough! But what about people who are blatantly 'aping' you? Are they being influenced or just plain-olĂ© 'copy-cats'? 
  • I do not believe in numerology and neither do I want to act cool by adding an 'i' to my name. But as you might notice I have an extra 'i' on my website and email address. There is a simple explanation - Google needed 6 digits for me to form an email id, hence my friend Namrata suggested I make it Tanvi, I! And I did. That was back in 2004/2005. To maintain uniformity I used the same ID for the website as well. Now, what do you say when people around me whose name ends with an 'i' starts adding an extra 'i' to their names/blogs/websites?
  • I have been blogging since 2005. However up until January 2009, due to lack of confidence and discomfort-in-my-own-skin, I used to write 'anonymously' under a screen name of - Saanjhh! I also used this word [and spelling] as my nickname on MSN, Yahoo Messenger etc. back in the high school/college days. [The word means 'Dusk' in Sanskrit/Hindi language, and I found this word really poetic] Now what do you say when I see 'someone' I know using the same ID on their chatting portals? [I created this spelling, while most people would spell this work in English as - 'Sanj' ]
  • What do you say about people who copy your tweets and post them as their Status Updates on Facebook without any acknowledgement? ... And I do not mean 'Inspirational Quotes' here. 
  • What about the people who copy your passions/hobbies/interests. Suddenly your hobbies become their area of interest and everything you try ... they follow you ... and claim it was their idea first and that they 'always wanted to do it, but just got started'! Surprisingly the timing bang-on coincides with you! *cynical.eye.roll*
  • Lastly, what about the people who shamelessly go out there and buy the exactly same things they saw in your house. Including, doormats, shower curtains and table covers! Really!!!
What does one do about such 'copy-cats'? How would you confront them? What would you tell them? Wanna share?

Jacket - Macy's ['08]; Top - Urban Outfitters ['09]; Shorts - Gap ['09]
Gladiator Sandals - Stolen [Mom's]
Earrings - Gift [Mom] ... (Grand Canyon as the backdrop)
With my Fabulous Family [Dad missing and being missed *sad.face*]

Care for a Joke? Anyone? 
Advertisement in the news paper - 'For Sale' Complete set of Encyclopedia in good condition. Reason for selling: No longer needed. Got married. Wife knows EVERYTHING!
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