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Maa is how we address 'Mom' in Hindi language. 

My grandmother, whom I call 'Amma' with affection, is the perfect picture of a 'cuddly-loving-protective-grandma'. She is someone who is always full of affection and compassion for everyone, no matter what time of the day/year it is! She has seen some difficult times in her life [and continues to face them even today] but the smile from her face has never weathered. All this time I have known her, I have never heard her complain or whine about life and its hardships. She is an example of strength and positivity. One of her most charming qualities, is her interminable faith in all her children [It's really cute]. Happy Mother's Day, Amma!

I often meet my girlfriends and hear about their persistent struggle to strike a balance in their relationship, with their Mother-in-Laws. However, me, with the risk of sounding providential and/or prosperous, would say that my Mother-in-Law is a very affectionate and caring woman. From day one she has welcomed me in her home and heart. She is a mother of two sons, hence has always loved and treated me like her own daughter. She too has seen some difficult times in her life. I truly admire her for how she overcame the obstacles and strived to bring up her children in an arduous environment. Happy Mother's Day, Mummy-ji!

I have already written so much about my mother. But the more I write is less. The way my father defines her is the best, "You have got all the intelligent and creative genes from your mother!" But I know today that I have got more than just brain & creativity from her. I have learnt resilience, patience, and poise from her. I have learnt how to stay young and yet maintain dignity. Most women are scared of the thought of turning into their mothers. Me?- I wish I do! Happy Mother's Day, Maa!

Can you guess who is my Mom and who is my Mother-in-law? ;)
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