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Lunch Date

If you had met me 10 years back I would have told you that I dread even the thought of 'married-life' because I believed life would change thereafter, and I might not like it. Phew! Oh! Well! I did get married and life has changed indeed, but I LIKE IT! [Here's why] You see, I am a Piscean and hence a dreamer! On top of that I love reading. [So what does that mean?] I fascinate about fictional situations from books happening to me in real life. I am loving my 'married-life' because [more than once] these fictional situations have come true in my life & It seems like magic ;) 

Today, I met my husband for a Lunch date at our favorite Thai Restaurant. That only happens in books, and movies [in my world]! Till today, it had never occurred to either of us [me or husband] to meet for a Lunch Date in between a working week. However, since two days I have been a little under the weather, my husband was making sure that I had a proper Lunch. Hence, the idea of a Lunch Date! :o) [We are thinking, may be we should make it a fortnightly ritual, if not weekly!] My fortune cookie today, read "Your ability to trust fuels your ability to love". Who all agree? ;) Below is what I wore for our short & sweet date! 

Black Cigarette Jeans - Urban Outfitters 
Kurta (Shirt) - Cottons (Delhi)
Faux Pearl Hairband - Target; Necklace - Gift (Mother-in-law)
Shoes - BCBG
P.S. I feel validated in a weird way. I had written a post few days back The Packing List and everything I said [and a little of what I had missed out] is mentioned in this slide show. (This is how the smart people travel!) Click Here to read the New York Times Article.

P.P.S. In the previous post, the bottom three pictures in the collage are with my Mother-in-Law and the three pictures along the left are with my mother and the of course the center two are with my Grandma :) 
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