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In Love with Lace

Dear Bloggers, 

Please join Bloglovin'. I find it the best way to stay on top of all your posts! I won't ask you to follow me, [promise!] I just wanna follow you all as I do not like Blogger, so much! [Thanks!] And if you are already on Bloglovin' then promise! I am already following you there. 

I am addicted to blogging. I really am! My husband jokes, "You have so many new friends, please don't forget me one day!" [Funny, he is!] My Mom says, "You've found people who are like-minded and you all have a mutual-admiration-club going on!" [We really have a club going on, don't we? Should we start a membership, while we are at it? :P]

In regard to clothes, 99% of my clothes are bought from Sale! racks [I swear!] out of which 90% of them are under $25.00. Besides bags & shoes I do not spend a bomb on anything! I like good quality and I like a good fit  [never compromise on these two things!]. I also have an eye [and luck!] to always find it on Sale! Think about it, if I am gonna be shopping so much I really can't afford full-priced-items [and I don't trust previously owned clothing!]

I have recently started stating the year in which I had purchased the item I am wearing so that you know whether it's still in the store or not. Also this way I can 'show-off' my skill of 'how-well-I-maintain-my-stuff' *wink*

I love all the comments! It's such a 'high' to get feedback. I wake up and before I check my mail [or even facebook ... Imagine?!] I check the comments on my blog! [Crazy, eh?] However, on side-note please refrain from leaving 'idiotic-remarks'. They do not bother me but only reflect on your ignorance [or even arrogance!]. P.S. Anonymous comments are as good as no comments. They absolutely don't count!

On that note, let's check the Outfit-of-the-Day
Necklace - Gift [Mom]; Shades - Ray-Ban [My new ones!] 
Lace top - Silence & Noise [10']; Bag - Bottega Veneta; Belt - Louis Vuitton  
Pants - BCBG [10']; Shoes - Flea Market [London, 09']
Check out the pockets on these pants! 
I bought them against the will of my Mom & Brother! 
What do y'all think?
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