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Here we go again ...

I love traveling. I really really do! I have been busy with family lately. So excuse me if my posts are heavy on pictures and light on words. But hey! 'pictures are worth a thousand words' Right?

I wouldn't bore you guys with a lecture on 'Light traveling' but...
...can I just say 'light luggage->lighter load on planes->lesser fuel used->cheaper tickets-> FACT!
I love this Jacket [Macy's] and I love this Dress [Banana Republic 09'] and I love my very comfortable slip-ons which I refuse to throw! [Aldo 07']
Specially dig the elbow pads and the box-pletes at the back!
Reached our destination! Time to wind-unwind-wind
It's vegetarian; It's healthy [well, relatively ;)] and D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.
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