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Hats Off!

This painting was so vibrant and eye-catching! I wanted to steal it from the Hotel ;)
Hat - TJ Maxx; Top - TJ Maxx; Skirt - Zara ('10); Slip-ons - Armani Exchange ('09)
In Love with my new Ray Bans ;)
With my ├╝ber-suave brother :)

So everyone knows I travel light. Right? ... I had packed this top to be worn with a pair of shorts but while 'window-shopping' I found this pretty polka-dot skirt for a mere USD 15.00. I couldn't resist and hence the 'window-shopping' turned into a 'real-shopping'. 

Also, those are hair-bands [black & blue] that I am wear on my wrist. So that I can tie my hair when I can't bear the heat [which happens quite often]. A Pony-tail is probably my favorite hair style! 

N.B. For everyone who comes here to catch up on my write-ups along with the outfit-update: I apologize for being a little lazy in writing! Pictures are real easy. Uploading them doesn't take half as much time as writing a decent short memoir! But I will be back, soon! 
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