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Harmony in Fashion

Who sets these rules for fashion and styling? Who decides what you can/can't wear? And most importantly why do we listen to them? What I truly don't get is the concept of "what's in" and "what's out"! I won't lie, I do read a lot of fashion magazines/websites but believe-you-me when I tell you that I shop only on the basis of personal preference and good fit.

Here's a thought
- Everything you wear doesn't have to be 'in-fashion' but definitely has to be 'in-perfect-harmony'. The outfit should look pulled together and chic regardless of whether it's the punk or the classic hollywood look. I prefect to have one point of focus in my outfit. As mentioned before in one of my previous blogs, I work either with a color or with one specific item [top/skirt/shoes] while putting my outfit together. How do you do it?

Skirt - Gift from my very funny & sweet friend, Megha

Top - Urban Outfitters [Same as worn here

Nechlace - Francesca's; Belt - COS; Hairband & Bangle - Local Boutique [It's amazing how the hairband is matching my top! It was a pure coincidence and I hadn't even realized it up until now!]

Shoes - Really old, bought while traveling some place!

My husband called this a 'Hippie/Bohemian look while I think it's more like 'I am ready to-go-do-Tango! look :) [What do you think?!] This is my most favorite piece of clothing. My friend [Megha] gifted it to me [for absolutely no rhyme or reason] during one of my visits to the Motherland [again more than 5 years ago]. Since then I have worn it on numerous occasions and felt really sexy and feminine. In fact, every year I make special effort to wear it at least twice but not too often 'coz I do not want to harm the lace in any way! Below is an account of how I have worn this skirt over the years [these are all the pictures I could dig-up!]