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For the love of food!

Few weeks back when I was visiting my friend in Boston [the one who is completing her MBA and thinks I am shallow?] we discussed many [a bit tooo many] controversial topics. One of which was about 'the modern women'. She told me that in her batch she had come across many females from different countries and cultures who in her judgement tried a tad-bit hard(er) to prove that they are at par with their male peers. Under no circumstances they would want to be seen as a 'homely-kinda-woman'. My friend said that they never helped out in any chores or activity which was 'supposedly' a role of a traditional woman [cleaning, cooking, organizing and sorts!]. I found this bit of information a little absurd. The way I see it is that everyone is equal! No one has to prove anything to anyone, specially if it's not necessary and no one at all is discriminating against you [definitely not at the MBA course in one of the Ivy League Universities]. 

It's acceptable if someone doesn't enjoy cooking. You do not have 'to cook' just because you are a woman. Therefore, similarly, you do not have 'to not cook' just because you a woman. In fact, I would even go ahead and say embrace it! That's what sets you apart from your male peers - your femininity! Why just single out cooking and cleaning? Duct tape your boobs and just go out there and look like a man altogether? 

In fact, while I was there, my friend's 'study-group' had students from China visiting them whom they had to entertain. Hence they planned a big-lavish-meal which was *drumroll* cooked by boys! The spread included crab-cakes, shrimps, salad, pesto pasta, lobster and brownies. Since I am a vegetarian, I only had the salad and pasta, both of which were delicious. [The guys made the pesto sauce pronto, right in front of me!]. I.M.P.R.E.S.S.I.V.E. or what?

Lastly, equality [of sexes or individuals] doesn't come from proving - it comes from believing

So today, instead of the clothes how about I share the food I cook in my kitchen or more like experiments I do in my Kitchen! [My husband is a scientist! Does the metaphor seem wittier now? No!? ... Well, never mind then!]

Stir-fried Broccoli, Cabbage and Potatoes

Spicy Fried Rice with veggies 

Multi Color Pasta with veggies (again)

Coriander Chutney (Work in progress)

Stir-friend Spinach, Peas and Potatoes
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