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Featuring: Smrithi Rao

I have been a 'Fashion Blogger' for only 4-5 months. One of the first fashion-bloggers I came across was Smrithi Rao of The Vintage Obsession from Bengaluru. Smrithi is a vivacious, intelligent and a very fashionable girl. She is a Software Engineer who also indulges in various 'Do-It-Yourself' projects. She was also recently featured in an Indian Daily called Tehelka. To say she is talented is an understatement. Her pleasant personality shines through her pictures and blog-posts. 

In the initial days, when I had just started following her blog, I told her I really liked a pair of pants she has posted the pictures of in one of her posts. She replied instantly and offered to get them for me all the way from Pondicherry if I was truly interested. And I WAS! ... Within 2 months here I am sporting one of the two pants she has sent. [I hope you like how I have styled them, Smrithi! Don't wanna let you down, publicly!] 

Top - Latin Quarters [Delhi '07]
Bag - Miu Miu
Pants - Sent by Smrithi ['10]
Hairband - Express
Shoes - Faith [London '05]
Ring & Bangle - Gift [Mom]
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