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I am in love with this world of blogging. It's extremely fascinating yet intriguing, at the same time. Blogging helps you explore the world outside your boundaries [mental and physical, both]. In my short span of fashion blogging [5 months] I have interacted with so many fabulous women [of all ages] from all around the world. What we all have in common is 'fashion', 'personal style' & 'opinions'. 

Every post from each blogger is actually an extension of their personality. One can get a peek into their heart and life with the look of their blog, with the material they choose to post about, the pictures and lastly their comment on fellow blogger's posts! It's quite an interesting and entertaining world we have here in the 'blog-o-sphere'! 

One such fabulous blogger, with whom I have had the pleasure of interacting is *pause.drumroll* - 'Dusk' [which I assume is her screen name] who has an amazing blog at The Dusk Zone. She is in her 40's but can give any young girl a run for her money, as long as beauty and fitness are concerned. But what I like most about her is that she has an unparalleled insight into everything that life has to offer. In past months I have, personally, become addicted to her comments on posts [mine and other's too!] because they go beyond the cliché response of 'great/amazing/' etc. Her joie de vivre can truly be felt through the support and compliments she showers upon all the bloggers. She is a positive inspiration for any woman, of any age!

She was kind enough to award me this: 

...however please do not see this as a reason for my praise for her. I saw this as a good opportunity for me to share my thoughts and her blog with everyone. Hope you all will find a chance to click! :)

There were rules for accepting the award:
Thank the person who nominated you [√]
Copy the award and place it on your blog [√]
Link the person that nominated you [√]
Nominate 15 bloggers [Uuurrrmmm! OK! Let's begin]
  1. Bollywood Style Diaries
  2. Goddess of Boho
  3. The Vintage Obsession
  4. Ce qui m'inspire
  5. tastes like red
  6. Leah
  7. My Silhouette
  8. Hippie Holly
  9. Cindrella
  10. suruchi
  11. Someplace Else
  12. Frenchleave
  13. Twitch Vintage
  14. Tanya
  15. Expresso
So, Again Nominate 15 bloggers [√]

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