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Featuring: Adriana S. de Moreno

This post is about a new friend I have made recently. Her name is Adriana, who is originally from Mexico but now settled in Texas since about a decade. We became friends because I was a frequent visitor at her über trendy store. Previously, known as "The Shoe Club"; it is now called "Cork" and has all the trends du jour! I can always bet that I would find the cutest dresses and *drool* worthy shoes at this store. 

This fashionista is not only a savvy business woman but also a mother of two younglings and [beat this!] also has a Ph.D in Chemistry! Of course, she exchanged the lab-coat for fashion accessories and clothes! Clearly, the laboratory didn't do justice to her fun & stylish spirit! 

Please don't judge her by the poor quality of my amateur photography. She is über-chic and absolutely gorgeous. If only she would now give me hefty discounts *wink*

 She is always dressed in pieces from her own store. [She is so lucky! *hmmm*]
Not to miss the pretty paisley pattern tube top! *should.I.should.I*
Obsessed with those earrings! 
And this lovely wire ring by Cassandra Collections! 

So I am still contemplating whether or not I should go back and pick up that top as well that a similar ring (Click Here) to the one in the picture. I can't make up my mind. I'll sleep over it and see how I feel tomorrow ... [or so is the plan!]

So on the side note, look what I found while surfing through the People's magazine. My own fashion face-off! Well, of course I can't compete with J.Lo but I am just excited to see her wearing a 'similar' dress. [This was the only picture I could find which shows her dress up-close!]

Any thoughts?
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