Family Reunion

12:50 AM

Mother-ship & Brother-ship docked the ports few days back and life has been a one big party ever since. For those who haven't read my previous posts in their praise please click the blue underlined words and catch up! [If you wish :o)] Else in brief, we all are Pisces who love to shop, travel and pamper ourselves. [That's the way to live, we say!

Since married life started every time I meet someone from my 'pre-marital-life' I fall into a turbulent waters of 'who I was back then' mixed with 'who I am right now'. Sometimes it even gets hard for me to distinguish myself from my past to present. Oh! Well, but I love having my family around me. I take them for granted. I love them to death. They are the only ones who [still!] bear my tantrums and obnoxious behavior! 

The day they landed we were supposed to take a flight and meet them in Houston. But as usual, Mother Nature intervened and messed up our plans. Due to a bad storm Houston Airport was closed down for the day and all flights coming in or out were cancelled. Oh! but my determined husband didn't let Mother Nature hold us back from a family reunion and said 'Screw the flights, we'll drive down!'. So we drove three hours [Well he drove and I slept :P] with the risk of hitting the storm on roads ourselves [luckily we didn't!] and reached Houston around 2:00am. After that my poor-poor husband went to drop the car to the Car Rental which was closed down due to no electricity [Storm! Mehhh!]. He dropped the keys in the Night Drop Box and hitch-hiked his way back to the hotel. Phew! 

We all reunited in the morning. God Bless my husband [Yes! Yes! Ladies he is VERY sweet & caring! A total catch :o)]  You will probably hear more stories about our adventures and continuos bickering in the coming posts. So stay tuned in *wink*

This is what I was wearing 'uus toofani raat' [That stormy evening!

Dress - Mango [Same as worn here and here]

Trying to manage my zul-fien (hair) ... It's was stormy day, remember? 

(Finally! a decent shot) Red Slip-ons - Inc. [Delhi]

My new fad - The Frog Ring
Acquired during my travels to New Orleans few weeks back!

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