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Critics are Crazy

Yesterday, I went to watch Sex and the City 2 (SATC 2) [and Prince of Persia, back-to-back ... but that's not the point]! Without indulging in the what the movie was about, I would only say that the critics have gone crazy! I do not understand their problem! Lately, they seem to be 'way-too-critical' of all the movies for all the wrong reasons. Every movie seems to disappoint them, and entertain me! 

How about being a little more subjective than just simply-writing-off a movie as - Nay! or Grade C! I would totally understand if they critically explained what was good versus bad in a movie. But what they do is write-off the movie in the hope of being taken seriously as a critic! 

SATC2 is exactly what it is supposed to be! It takes you back in the world of Carrie and her friends [who are dressed in fabulous clothes and drool-worthy stilettos!] There is abso-f-ing-lutely nothing wrong with the movie. Yes, it is sexist. Yes, it is racist. But hey! it is entertaining and just a movie. So relax! There is nothing earth-shattering-ly surprising or shocking that one didn't already know. It's a rom-com of sorts for crying out loud! 

Bottom-line: Fans of SATC wouldn't be disappointed [unlike the critics!] If you fancy couture-fashion, women-bonding and sexual-innuendoes, then you are in for a ride [and an entertaining one at that!]. 

...and this is what I wore to take this ride ;)
Tunic worn as Dress - Manan [Delhi, 2007]
Necklace & Earrings - Gift [Mom 10']
Shoes - BCBG

P.S. I also recommend Prince of Persia to everyone who enjoys Fairytales! and hot-hunks aka Jake Gyllenhaal ;)