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City of New Orleans

I think I forgot to mention that the wedding was in New Orleans, in my last 2 posts? [Hence, the theme of The Saints for the Bachelorette]. This was my third visit to the city in last three years
  1. St. Patrick's Day 2008
  2. Mardi Gras 2009
  3. Jazz Festival [& The Wedding of course!] 2010
I hadn't thought after my first visit that I would ever visit the city again but the more I go the more it seems to grow on me. Although I have not ventured out anywhere except the downtown/French Quarter area but the architecture and ambience of the city feels quite like Renaissance era [only if it wasn't filthy dirty!]. The weather is a bummer as it's hot & humid for most part of the year. While many girls would dread the humid weather due to frizzy hair, me - I love it! It gives natural volume to my otherwise flat and thin hair! [I stay positive, won't you agree? :P] The shopping is great and so is the food. Need i even begin about the party scene? Google 'Bourbon Street' and all hell will break loose! 

Oh that reminds me of another fabulous story. So we were on Bourbon St. celebrating the last few hours of the Bachelorette night. This street never shuts! It's open 24/7, 365 days in the year! Therefore there is tight security on the street, specially after 6pm. So there we were 23 odd girls going totally loony [except me, of course ;)] when we saw Travis! Now you would ask who is Travis? He was a very attractive Policeman whom few girls from the Bachelorette party [I would like to clarify here that me or my friends were not part of this!] misunderstood him to be a 'potential' stripper. They were all over him. It was a little embarrassing, honestly but amusing and funny at the same time! He was very friendly too [more like too friendly] and agreed to click picture with the bride and few other girls. As my husband said, "He must be thinking this isn't a bad job to have after all!" Some girls saw him again on that street after the wedding and he recognized them [You would say good thing or bad? :P]. He must always be there 'protecting' the streets, right? ;) 

Pri, posing in front of the attractive deep brown building

French Quarter

Went on a Haunted Tour as part of the Bachelorette - Spoooky!

We even saw Brad's [Pitt, who else!?] house on the tour. He is so frickin' rich! This isn't his house though, just some random building I liked [Haha!]

This is lovely Michelle looking cool as a cucumber from head to toe! Agree?
She works at this ├╝ber trendy store which I visit every time I am in the city. 

Aren't these shoes fabulous?

And these too! Both are Elisa's :o)

This is my friend Sheila. Look at her pretty paisley-pattern dress! I WANTT!!! :)

Thank God it didn't rain and allowed us to enjoy the city!

Top - Banana Republic; Skirt - Flea Market (Vancouver); Slippers - Aldo; Earrings - Borrowed (Priscilla)

This is how I will describe the city in short:
  • Dirty Streets
  • French Influence
  • Pretty Architecture
  • Hot & Humid Climate
[Now just say the first words of the above 4 phrases .... naughty eh? ;)] To conclude I think New Orleans is a great city to visit at least once!
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