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Bickering Session

An usual family scene:

Mom - I think ... lallaalal
Me - I don't agree, I think ... lalallala

Mom - But I think .... nanannana
Me - But don't you think ... nanannaan

Enter Brother: (who assumes we are having a heated discussion)

Brother - Ok! Chill! Chill! 
Me - What's your problem?

Brother - Just change the topic na ... It's getting on the wrong track!
Me - Why should we change the topic? This is our conversation!

Brother - Well, I think you should 'coz Mom is getting stressed!
Me - Well, she is not! I know her!

Brother - She is ... I know her too ... She is my Mom, too!
Me - Well, she is my mom first 'coz I am the first born. 

Then we both go our own ways for 2 minutes, shrug it off and then ...

Me - Are you hungry?
Brother - Ya! Do you wanna to get some snacks/ice cream?

Me - Ya! Let's do that ...

Happy Ending! ... **

Smiling with elation :)
Top - Zara ('08); Shorts - Gap ('09); Slip-ons - Aldo ('07)
Blurry! But I like this shot!
Not-to-miss: Paisley Carpet
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