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An affair with shoes!

Sometime back I had heard an interesting logic as to - why women buy so many pairs of shoes? Experts believe [on side note: ever wonder who these experts really are? And how did they get the anonymous title of being an 'expert'? And why does everyone seems to agree with you when you say 'experts'?] ... well anyways, they believe that women are obsessed with shoes because one's shoe size doesn't change with one's fluctuating body weight. Shoes can never make a woman feel fat! Makes sense, right? Well, at least I thought it did ... and that's what matters here :P

I have been a shoe lover for at least a decade, now. During early teenage years I was obsessed with silver jewelry, then came the crazy-teenage clothing [I don't know how else to explain the clothing which was torn with cuts in inappropriate places and was in really bright colors!] and last came the shoe-love! All other obsessions died ... but shoes-oh!-shoes stayed ... Buying clothes does not excite me half as much as buying shoes does. More than often I decide my clothes according to the shoes I want to wear [but you all already know that!] This year on my birthday instead of a birthday party or any gift I just chose to buy shoes! 
  • Shoes can make any outfit pop
  • Shoes are the most important accessory 
  • Shoes can convert a casual ensemble into chic, instantly
And going by all the comments I have been receiving on my outfit posts, 80% of them are in adulation and appreciation of my shoes! [Clothes do feel left out sometimes guys, but I don't mind. I am partial to shoes, myself! ;)]

I am happy, 'coz we are going shopping. Yay!
Sooo happy that I have even done a little make-up! Hallelujah! 
Top - Urban Outfitters; Leggings - Wave
Short necklace w/flower - Macy's; Long necklace - Gift [Mom]
From somewhere while globe trotting
Shopping over. Got home a DIY cupboard! [Child Labor!]
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