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When Yogis Party ...

I owe my handsome husband a big one. He saved this weekend from being a total slump after our friday night debacle! He forced me to get out of bed by 9:00am [I have become quite a lazy-lump-of-lard lately!] and we head straight to the gym [where we kicked some major ass]. The afternoon was spent at the self-car-wash. Btw, how much fun is DIY car-wash? I had a blast. It was almost like I was having a party of my own and working out at the same time. I can totally understand why Paris Hilton was having so much fun in the Carls Jr Video now. Only I wasn't sporting a hot-bikini or eating a burger while cleaning my car... [*Hmmm*]

Anywhooo, coming back to what this post was originally intended to be about - Yoga! Anyone who has been around this space knows that Yoga is slowly but surely changing my life, everyday. Besides the obvious benefits of Yoga:
  • Flexibility
  • Posture
  • Breathing 
  • Stress-relief
  • Concentration
There are various other benefits I have reaped which probably cannot be 'bullet pointed' [because I cannot explain them in one word, duhh!]. Well, though all the Yoga in the world cannot stop a worrywart [Read - Me] from worrying but what it can do is make me accept the world [and the pathetic situation it is in] and yet smile all along. On the days when I practice Yoga regularly, I can notice a drastic difference in my attitude than the days when I don't practice Yoga for months. Days filled with Yoga are ones filled with bliss. Nothing in the world can bring my spirits down. I am in pain -> I am smiling, I am bankrupt -> Who cares? I am smiling, people come and say they don't like me? -> Bleh! I don't like them either and I am smiling, someone died -> [Now this is a tricky one!] But then everyone has to die one day, and I am smiling!

Now, come to think of it, I was watching this program on BBC where a Brit woman was experimenting with 'Dope' for a month in Amsterdam and the 'effects' were same -> She was forever smiling! Unfortunately no health benefits though! [Hmmm! So what am I implying here? Errrr, it's a good thing that no kids read my blog]

Well, jokes aside, I believe Yoga makes me more patient, calm and coherent [I cannot prove it but I think it does]. Don't believe me? Try it! [do give it at least 4 to 6 months to show noticeable results!] 

Now I am bored of the Yoga lecture [as I am sure you are too] So let's move on to the Outfit-of-the-Day and say toodeloo! ;) Yesterday evening at The Cove was the 6th Anniversary Party for the Center where I practice Yoga and man! it was a blast. Only if I knew that, that's how Yogis party I would have started Yoga much before. Good food, good music, good wine, some freaky talent show, extremely interesting bunch of people and a dance floor. Go figure! 

I had also cajoled my husband to accompany me to the celebrations and we had so much fun that now he is at least 'open' to practice Yoga with me. [A giant step for mankind ;)] 

Although I had just worn this Jumpsuit less than a month back, I couldn't resist wearing it again, it is so comfortable and chic. It was a lovely Spring evening which shouted "Jump ... Jump ... Jumpsuit" really loudly. Besides I wanted to wear it before the Texan summer arrives and it's officially forbidden to wear 'Black' in broad daylight! This time I paired the Jumpsuit with a bright-neon-yellow beaded necklace and sling backs! [Meetu D - Don't ask me how many shoes I own; I think it would be fair to say one in each color, yet not in every color! :P]

Jumpsuit - Urban Outfitters
Necklace - Local Boutique in Austin
Shoes - Shelly's of London
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