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Story of exaggeration!

Few days back 'someone' [who shall remain unnamed] told me that I add 'sugar & spice' to [in other words exaggerate] my stories while narrating them. Of course, I do not agree. Simply put -> I am not exaggerating, that just happens to be my version of the story [truth!?!?]. You wanna tell your version? Start your own blog! [Fair?] 

However, the comment got me thinking and I realized that conversations, written or verbal, are simply a matter of passion and personality. Just to clarify, this is me having a conversation with you, where you can't talk, only comment! [I know, life isn't fair, always! :P]. Some people state facts with absolutely no pizzazz while others like to engage their readers [listeners] with some ethos. Also, in my opinion the use of adjectives does not qualify as a means of exaggeration, it is in fact, a means of expression! 

Let me elaborate with an example ... [Why? 'Coz I wanna!]     

Basic Facts of a Story - 6:00pm, Saturday, Two Friends, Shopping Mall

Question asked was , "Where did you see these two girls before?" and this is how some 'stereotypical' people would have responded, according to me:

An average person, who is inattentive for most of his/her life, with zero personality would say, "I do not know what time is was but I 'think' I saw those two girls at the mall. I have no idea what they were doing. I was a little preoccupied."

A News-Reporter-kinda-fact-stating person would say, "Ya! On Saturday, I did see two girls at the mall. I didn't recognize them from anywhere but they were definitely there!"

An interesting person with a flare and personality would say, "I saw these pretty girls at the mall in the evening. They were dressed swell! I wish I had stopped them and asked where'd they got their shoes from! Oh Well! Why do you ask?"

An exaggerating-sorta-person would say, "You know what? I did see them at the mall in the evening. I wonder what they were doing there? Must be either meeting guys or shopping. What else would two girl be doing at the mall, right?

So there! Needless to say I fall under the category of 'an interesting person with a flare and personality'. [How cool is it to have your own blog? You can say whatever you like! Ha Ha! :P] Bottom line, I do not believe, I exaggerate. I love to orate a story with some spunk ... It's not intentional, it just happens ... 

Over to the Outfit of the Day!
Scarf - Forever 21 [09']

Tank - CK [06']; Jeans - Miss Sixty [09']
Shoes - From somewhere in the world [?!?!]

Dressed to be comfortable and enjoy the pleasant weather God has bestowed up on us. Spring came, Spring left, now we have downpour! But I am not complaining. It's a perfect weather to go for romantic drives, and walks :) ... So we are off to watch Kick-Ass [The movie] right after we gobble down the delicious Thin Crust Mozzarella Pizza [Yummm!]. 

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