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Has anyone been crazy about watching Parenthood, like me [or again I am the only weird one?] It airs on NBC every Tuesday night after The Biggest Loser and I have been hooked on it since the day Pilot aired in March. [6 episodes have been aired so far] Man, I love it. It's my favorite show on television right now, hands down! It's a story of a close knit family of Bravermans. They have two sons and two daughters. I'll indulge you in little details about the main characters to spur your interest, may be?

1. Son #1 = Adam who is married to Kristina. They have a girl [who is your average rebellious teenager] and a young boy [who might have Asperger's syndrome]. Adam is the responsible and reliable one, to whom everyone in the family goes to seek advice! He is my favorite on the show. 

2. Daughter #1 = Sarah [Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls fame] who has moved back to her parents house with her 2 kids. She couldn't sustain herself financially as her loser ex-husband was no good! Her kids are going through the issues of 'separated parents' and the good olé drama called - teenage! It get's interesting when she is trying to date and be a Mom too. 

3. Daughter #2 = Julia who is a corporate attorney and has a stay-at-home-husband who helps in taking care of their daughter. Daily, she has to deal with her guilt of leaving her daughter behind.

4. Son #2 = Crosby, a slacker with a commitment phobia, suddenly finds himself in a situation which forces him to 'grow-up'.

But the reason I enjoy the show so much is because the characters are REAL and bring life to the story. I did not feel at any time that I am watching television but rather I could relate to all of them as if they were 'real' parents dealing with 'real' issues with just tab-bit [right amount] exaggeration! The show blends in the right amount of comedy and drama, for my taste. 

If you haven't had a chance to watch it so far, please do and let me know what you thought?

I was ready to go run some errands and attend an iWork workshop [to improve my Mac skills ;)]. It was a grey-gloomy day so I dressed to match the weather. Looked outside my window and saw grey sky so got inspired to built an outfit around it. 

Jacket - Urban Outfitters
Dress - Promod Click Here to see how I wore the dress previously!
Shoes - Rack Room Shoes
Necklace - Gift from Mother-in-law
Bangles - Gift from a friend [Namrata]

P.S. Anyone who is willing to read lovely words being written about me please Click Here. Fellow blogger Amy @ taste like red has been very kind to me ... !!!