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Paisley and Me

Hand stamp for printing traditional "paisley" design

I thought, if anything, I would know myself quite well by now [since I live with myself 24/7] but as it figures out not-so-much! I recently realized a pattern [pun intended] which seems to be all over my life! Nonetheless it is an amazing feeling to learn something new about yourself out-of-the-blue. I am very excited about my discovery, right now!

Remember from my last post the bed spread that I can't get over [which I bought on Sunday]? Well, that [now, famous] bed spread made me realize that I am crazy about 'Paisley'. Right after that I have found the pattern of 'paisley' all over my life and hadn't even realize it for so long! [Feels weird and exciting at the same time]

Let's start with the bed-spread, first

Oh! My lovely lovely bed-spread :)

My Life-line [Organizer]

This is close-up of one of my Indian outfits! It's one of the oldest ones I own but refuse to part with. May be I will wear it one day and post a proper picture [or may be not ... keep guessing? ;)]

Well these are my Yoga slippers ['coz I only wear them to Yoga class, don't know why though!]

Last but not the least, my wedding outfit! Full of paisley and it wasn't even intentional .. hmmmm

So there, now you see what I mean? It's absolutely bizarre that I didn't notice this trend up until now! [No regrets, though. Now, at least I know what I 'like']. Here are some interesting facts about Paisley I found [I mean I googled them, of course!]
  • It is a motif of Indian and Persian origin
  • In Sanskrit language, the design is known as mankolam [ma means mango and kolam means rangoli pattern]
  • The pattern is also similar to the Zoroastrian symbol of life and eternity
  • It was named 'paisley' after a town in Scotland by East India Company
  • It had been used vividly by Hermés in their last year's collection with Indian theme. 
  • You will also find it spurt every now and then in Marc Jacob's scarfs and Juicy Couture's collections 
  • It is an eternal part of most of Vera Bradley's collections
And now for the outfit-of-the-day

It was a dull, chilly, rainy evening. Hence, the layers. For the first time I decided to go by the pool and read but was bulldozed out by the bloody-mostiques. *grrrr* Anywhooo, a simple outfit! Top is same as what was worn here. Nothing 'really' exciting, if you ask me! [Oh! and this is my first time clicking pictures with a timer, so be kind! :)]

Skinnies - Miss Sixty
Top - Ann Taylor
Cardigan - Calvin Klein
Necklace - Thrifted [Tehran]
Shoes - From somewhere in the world [!?!?]
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