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The Packing List

My vacation doesn't begin from the date of travel, but from the day I start making 'the packing list'. I have been a 'list-person' from the time I can remember. I need a list to get moving on anything ['coz I like ticking things off]. However, I would like to believe that I am a practical and light traveler. I do not believe in carrying luggage weight on the basis of 'what if?' and 'may be!'. I have a clear-cut pattern that I follow and so far it hasn't failed. There are a set of questions I would ask myself before packing:
  1. How many days am I going away for?
  2. What's the weather like?
  3. Is it is a leisure or adventure trip?
  4. Am I staying at a hotel or at a friend/family's place? 
  5. Am I traveling by car/plane/train?
Once I have all these questions answered I get started on my packing list. Ideally if the trip is for 4 or less days, I prefer to carry only hand luggage because a) it avoids wastage of time upon arrival and b) I just hate to carry big & heavy bags around unnecessarily. 

I put together outfits before hand so that I am definite that I am not carrying useless stuff. I calculate 2 outfits per day [Day and Evening]. Mix-n-match items to make most outfits out of the same pieces, or carry simple light dresses to reduce the weight. Under-clothes are also planned at the same time so that I do not end up with wardrobe malfunction! Pair of pyjama's or lingerie is a personal preference, I guess! Also, I always pack a pair of light work-out shorts and t-shirt 'just-in-case'!

Minimal is the mantra here! Scarfs, belts, socks, and so on are basics but when it comes to jewelry & shoes I try to make sure that I have the most comfortable pair of shoes which will also go with most of my outfits [which I have already put together!]

I have a toiletry bag which is always ready with travel size 'everything'. I never use stuff from this bag in daily life. As soon as I am back from one vacation I replace whatever was finished immediately. [Just trying to reduce the margin of error here!] Since I do not use make-up, not much thought goes into it while packing. Mostly I carry a mascara and a mineral foundation for emergency! On daily basis I only wear moisturizer with SPF, gloss and Kajal [Kohl pencil].

The night before traveling I pack remaining for the necessities:
  • Camera, Memory Card & Charger
  • Phone, Battery & Charger
  • Laptop & Charger
  • iPod & Headset
  • Sunglasses
  • Ticket/Passport/Documents 
  • Hotel Confirmation
  • Money/Currency
  • Medicines, if any
  • Umbrella?
  • Book/Magazine/Novel
So that's my packing list. Do you have one, as well?


No special reason for the outfit. I wanted to wear this skirt since long so paired it with a grey shirt! I was divided between a bright color sandals or similar tones. I went with these because I always wear contrasts, so for a change I thought 'matching-matching' isn't a crime either [;)]

Shirt - Target
Skirt - BCBG [Same as worn here]
Shoes - Payless
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