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My Chances?

It's spring and I'm lovin' it! As if everything [colors, flowers, sun] is shouting out to me. Nature is so therapeutic. It heals me of all my worries [seldom!]

Sometimes when I need to reorganize my thoughts and figure out what is going on in my head I crave for open spaces. Being within four walls makes me feel claustrophobic. However, it is not possible to head to a park or garden every time I need to shuffle my thoughts [else I would be in the park for 20 hours in a day!

During my recent get away I spent a lot of time outdoors soaking in the sun and cool breeze. Nothing matches lying on the green grass, surrounded by colorful tulips and just sharing thoughts and stories with a girl friend. These are the moment when I feel, "This is how I intend to spend my [distant?] future!" Future with no agendas, no (over) ambitious goals, and no disappointments! Future with mental peace, paths sorted, and goals achieved. But then you look around and wonder no one else is living that life, so what are my chances? 

But then again, my girlfriends call me 'super-woman' and this time I wanna believe them. May be I will live that life! Amen!

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