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Leave Me Clean

I love the days when I have enough time to 'kill time'. So I have been staring at the screen for almost an hour and procrastinating ... but now clearly I have gotten around it! Excuse me if this ends up being a lethargic post, 'coz that is clearly my state of mind right now - lethargic!   

For today's post I decided to discuss my skin-issues. Skin (facial) is definitely one of my least attractive features but nonetheless I do try and take a lot of care of it. Since, both my parents had oily skin while growing up, I sorta got that in abundance in my gene-pool! [Why do mostly the bad genes win over the good ones?] I had been struggling with acne and breakout right from the time of puberty up until recently. The skin did clear out every once in a while but it was never consistent. After numerous dermatologists and treatments I had sort of given up and stuck to the good old CTM - Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize. However, sometime last year I think I got desperate and stubborn that I wanted clean-clear skin. Period! So this is what I did, 
  1. Went to the dermatologist for the n'th [and hopefully last] time
  2. Followed his instructions and prescriptions to the 'T'
  3. Drank enough water to fill a dam! [You get the point!] 
  4. CTM my face three times a day, but definitely before going to bed [No matter what!]
  5. Used sun screen regardless of the 'time of the day'
  6. Refrained from eating deep-fried food as much as possible
  7. Slept for seven hours minimum, daily
  8. Exercised regularly [which you all already know!]
  9. Stopped touching my face with my hands
  10. I don't use make up everyday [the only thing I didn't have to work on]
So the million dollar question is that did it work this time? Well, I do not want to jinx it [I hope I do not get a pimple first thing in the morning tomorrow] but I have bee clean & clear for more than 4 months! Not a single breakout. Now the only damage left are irreversible scars due to my relentless picking on them since puberty [I wish I had listened to my mom!]. I have made my peace with them though! [The picture on the right is untouched-unphotoshopped-makeupfree] This is the best possible skin I can have and if I continue with my healthy life style, who knows, may be the scars will disappear too *wishful.thinking.look*

And for the Outfit-of-the-day, we have ...

This wasn't planned but incidentally this is at facelogic where I am waiting for my facial appointment. Simple ensemble which is easy to put on and take off ... [you know for facial and everything!] Top is more than 3 years old but I love it's sheerness and colors and the pants are 2 years old but I haven't found anything more comfortable than these, yet! Everything in this outfit is old and almost deteriorating but I love all the pieces so I am gonna keep wearing them till their last 'thread'! 

Top - Bershka [Dubai]
Harem Pants - Gift from Mom
Necklace - Gift from Mom
Bangle - Local store 
Slippers - Gift from Mother-in-law

Also, the top was previously worn as, 

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