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Fashion 102

Even if you say you don't care about fashion and don't dress to make a statement, you are making a statement (that you don't care about fashion). - 

Now, that kinda says it all ... doesn't it? Fashion is almost an extension of everyone's personality. The way you dress says something about you [whether you intent to or not!]. You cannot fight that. However, fashion has nothing to do with being chic & stylish! You can be both [chic & stylish] independent of 'what is in fashion!'. For example, a good fitting jeans and a white tee will always be chic & stylish no matter what the current trend is. 

Now that we have sorted out that distinction, let's move on to the juicy stuff ... [;)]

One of the most common question or query I have received is about where I buy my clothes [close second is how often I shop! ;)] Honestly, the trick to dress well is not how many clothes you own or how often you shop but how you wear the clothes you already have ... do you catch my drift here? Let me help:
  1. Organise your wardrobe!
  2. Make sure it is season appropriate 
  3. Stack your casual wear separately from your formals. 
  4. Stack all your tops in different piles - T Shirts/ Shirts/ Party Wear/ Ethnic/ etc. 
  5. Hang all your bottoms [trousers/skirts/shorts]
  6. Similarly organize your accessorizes and shoes
Once you have everything in order, you will notice that it becomes a million times easier to dress and choose clothes. Quite often when I catch an upcoming fashion trend in a magazine, guess what?, I realize I already own something similar [or almost similar]. Like history, fashion too, repeats itself [and a bit too often]. 

I love my money and I love it more when I can see it in my bank [literally see it!]. I do not spend mindlessly on clothes and shoes [contrary to common belief]. However, when I do spend I make sure it is worth my every penny! Believe it or not but I own clothes which date up to 5 years back but they are all 'keepers'. 

Another thing to keep in mind is how to maintain your clothes. For example, I have a pile of clothes which are marked 'short-life-span' i.e. are basically for daily wear [and tear] and then there are clothes which I really like and hence take an extra care of them. I hand-wash [me, physically with my own two hands] all the tops, which I am exceptionally fond of and would like to keep foreverrrr [well, basically for more than just a few months!]

So I do not waste anytime staring at my wardrobe wondering - 'I have no clothes!'. Most of the time I mentally pick out my outfit while I am in shower [hence, saving time]. Come out and match it with accessories and shoes [which are all neatly piled in 3 sections - flats, mid-heels, high heels]. 
Also, since we are on the topic of shoes I would like to address another query about the 'comfortability' of my shoes. I pick them according to the venue. If I am going to walk, I choose something comfortable but if I am only meeting someone for a coffee or dinner then I can manage to wear some heels! [It's a given that all my shoes are trendy and 'relatively' comfortable. If I can't walk a mile in them I wouldn't buy them!]
So you see, my secret to dressing and 'mixin-n-matchin' actually lies in being organized and having an easy access to everything [from clothes to bangles]. Don't work hard; work smart ... and that kinda goes for everything in life [at least mine]. 

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Today, I am too excited about the Outfit-of-the-day!

We were celebrating the Friday Date Night after a very long time with some cold beer and sheesha. Perfect evening with my Perfect Husband. I am wearing a gingham dress with some contrasting colored pumps and have accessorized it all with a simple wooden bangle and a multi-color-beaded necklace. Got compliments on my dress, my shoes and even my nose ring :) Me Likey!

Dress - Tulle
Shoes - Steve Madden
Necklace - Wish [local store]
Bangle - Thrifted 

P.S. For the 3 months that I have been fashion blogging I have [for the first time in my 'short-bloggin-history'] received some slack for being a 'narcissist' and/or 'self-obsessed'. However, I have also received loads of accolades and encouragement from almost strangers so I am sticking with it ['coz I am having too much fun to give it up, now!]