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Survival of the selfish'est'

For the longest time I have believed myself to be a 'reasonably' selfish human being. I was a pampered-spoilt-kid. I distinctly remember never giving-in to anyone else's wishes other than mine. It always had to be my way! As a kid, I was a chubby so everyone at home used to pull my cheeks and I guess, I used to reciprocate that behavior by pulling the cheeks of other kids. One day when I was playing in the park, I pinched a friend of mine. Of course she didn't appreciate it and refused to play with me any more. My mother asked me to go to her place and apologize but I refused. I was so stubborn that after a few days, my friend, herself had to come to my place and request me to play with her as I wouldn't give-in! [I am not proud of it, but it does make me *giggle*]. 

My behavior didn't change even when I grew up to be a teenager. My world always revolved around me-me-me! I would always believe myself to be above everyone else and it was either my-way-or-the-highway. In high school we would often make plans to go out in the evening. If the venue was not of my liking, I would refuse to go. This gave my friends no option but to go where I wanted to! [God Bless their soul! How did they bare my tantrums? And more importantly ... why?!?!

However, I was never in denial. I knew I was selfish and threw-my-weight-around and some how everyone adapted to me. To my [only] advantage, I was always honest to myself and others, but that's no excuse for my dominating nature! 

In fact, I so indubitably believed that I was always right in my way-of-thinking that I tried to empower, this particular friend of mine, all throughout our high-school and years after that. I told her to stand up for herself and be selfish and put herself before everyone else. [Self-Love-Baby-Self-Love!] I still sometimes think she lets people take advantage of her but then now I have accepted her the way she is ... full of goodness

However the reason I am addressing this today is because I recently saw the tables-turn! My friend was telling me to be 'selfish' and put myself first. In her own words, "Stop being a martyr!' Martyr? Who .. ME? When did that happen? When did I stop being selfish? And when did I start putting my happiness on the back-burner? And how come I didn't even realize it? Phew! Shocker!!! I didn't see my transition from being selfish to 'guilty'. Most of the time I take pride in my honesty but I think I got lost somewhere here. Well, so I guess, it's time to bring Tanvi back! 

P.S. If this post made no sense to most people, I apologize. I was probably being my own therapist! 

Time for the Outfit-of-the-day

Enjoying the pleasant day. Trying to play with the contrasts here, yet keeping it simple! 

I love this top. It has very interesting stitching on the sleeves. I have paired is with my 'fav' cigarette jeans. I am wearing my silver pendant again. The shoes and bag matches and the sparkly pink belt is there to help emphasize on the 'tiny' waist. 

Oooo! You can catch me in action here. I am out shoe-shopping! [I'm in Heaven] Who all like my new red-boots, bought in End-of-Season-Sale? [Say, I]
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