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Officially Spring is here!

Saw this lady on the street dressed completely funky head-to-toe. I absolutely lurrveed her look! 
Pestered her to let me click her and she obliged! 

It's officially spring now and I cannot contain my delight. I am 'so' over the winters. However, for some inexplainable reason it's still freaking cold in Texas (of all the places). What world are we living in now? *Sigh!

One of the many reasons the change in weather excites me, is because it brings an opportunity to 'spring-clean' [so-to-say] my wardrobe. Throw away [read: donate] the old faded winter clothing and look out of fresh new clothes. I am no slave to fashion trends but some of the trends I am seeing emerging on the scene this spring are on my mind!

Denim - Apparently, denims are back with a bang ... in all colors and forms. Although, I only prefer them in skinny jeans. I am not a big fan of Denim jackets or shirts ... but then you never know with me!

Florals - While growing up I wasn't a big fan of florals but now I have made peace with small floral prints. They can look good if worn properly. Fashion PoliceI still think big and broad built people should stay clear of big-floral-prints! 

Polka Dot - These I love! Polka dots makes me feel Pretty-Polly and I am glad they are back. [Did they ever leave?!?!] Fashion Police - Again, stay clear of big polka dots. They only work when worn as blouse/top.

Shorts - Another trend I am Thankful for. Specially, when you have slogged your ba-tooty in the gym for the whole dreadful winters you are glad that finally you can show-off your 'million-dollar-worth' legs *wink* Fashion Police - If you have any wiggle below your waist, you might wanna re-think wearing shorts in public! 

Whites - This is no surprise! It's about time, I would say. There is nothing like wearing a 'white' shirt/dress/khaki to feel bright and shining. Can't wait to wear it!


Dressed to meet my girrrllllssss!!! 

A much awaited girls-night-out after four months, felt like oxygen to a dying soul [of course I am exaggerating, Drama Queen can't change!]

Generally I am wary of wearing anything 'too' shiny but here I made an exception. I couldn't resist these tights. Paired it with a hugging ruffles top. Any comments?!?!