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Movie Review - Bounty Hunter

At Movie's Paris Promotion - While she looks bright like sunshine, he looks blah! Agree?

Last night, I don't know why but I tortured myself with - Bounty Hunter. Oh God, What a drag! Jennifer, sorry darling, I love you but you have got to make better movie choices. And as for Mr. Butler, I happen to notice today [on TV] that you played a 'one second' role in 1997 - Tomorrow Never Dies? I suggest you continue doing that 'coz it's definite now that you can't act and really with that personality I do not think you are going to be getting anywhere, anytime soon either [Not to mention you are 40+ with zero sizzle].

Synopsis - [Don't panic, any cynical readers, I am not going to spoil any suspense for you!] Aniston is a investigative reporter who stumbles upon a suicide case which 'probably' involves a corrupt police officer, or may be not! So while she is busy in her 'search-for-truth', Butler is a bounty hunter who's next assignment happens to pick up his ex-wife who has skipped bail! It is a rom-com, made to attract all tootsie girls, I suppose, whom the producers assume they can drag into the theaters just to show another cliché movie where they live happily ever after, minus a few speed breaks to add drama, is it?

While the movies tries reaalllyyy hard to be oh!-so-romantic, it fails miserably and falls flat on it's reel! There is zero chemistry. Zero character. And a very poor screenplay. I beg you Andy Tennant [director] to stop making such hopeless movies [first Fool's Gold (2008) and now this!]. They really spoil my day, as I am a sucker for chick flicks!

As for all of you, if you have anything better to do, then please skip this dire-attempt of cinema but in case [just like me] you are sleepless in the middle of the night and do not mind something going on in the background putting you to sleep, like a lullaby - go ahead and watch it! 

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