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Mental Purging

This is my fourth trip back home after marriage and each time I come back I have to try 'that' much harder to not give people a chance to say that I have been 'Americanized' [I promise you, that it is never said as a compliment but as a worst kind of insult]. However, slowly I am realizing that I have, indeed, been "Americanized"!

Once you are used to live an organized, simpler, and independent life, it's hard to live any other way [specially a disorganized and hectic way]. It's not the traffic, neither the dust, and not the weather that bothers me - It is the people's thoughts and their inability to simplify their lives that frustrates me the most. Even before I make an attempt to reason or discuss the usual daily lifestyle [of people around me] I am greeted with hostility and the disdain look which can be translated to "Oh! You Indian-turned-American!"

Of course, if you ask me, I would not agree. I am an Indian and I am proud to be one [I shouldn't even have to spell that out]. My sensibilities, emotions, and behavior is quite a reflection of my conservative "Indian" upbringing. I would not even go as far as crediting my international exposure to be a reason for my way-of-thinking. It is simply who I am and who I have always been. While I can be quite self-righteous and full-of-myself, I do believe that I some how acquired [or may be inherited] the skills to simplify life and live hassle-free. [Only if there was a law for people to abide by my rules *wink*]

I would love to go on and on and on and explain my point further but before I do that I realize that I better get my life on track, first and preach later. However, I cannot promise that such thoughts would not strike back, again in future posts [As you can see, I can't help myself!]

Meanwhile everyone - KISS! [a.k.a. Keep it Simple, Stupid!]

Me and Hongmi had a Movie date. It was a nice breezy afternoon, hence simple denims (of course skinny) with a blue top and light jacket. 

The only part of the outfit which is probably standing out are the cute-red peep toes. I think it's a simple way to accessorize an 'over all' simple outfit with bright color shoes. 

Hongmi is polishing her photography skills on me and I am happy to oblige ;) Incase anyone is wondering we went to see 'Dear John' at the movie and got tortured. Please skip it if you can, because it is a pure waste of time. Instead we went back home and saw Emma on DVD. Gwyneth Paltrow is a delight to watch on screen. Also, I could helplessly related to the character of Emma. [Jane Austin was a genius]  

Unfortunately it is not clear in any of the pictures, but this top has interesting neck and back. Although the top is absolutely plain, it's the stitching that makes it attractive. Oh! well in another outfit ensemble, probably! 

Adios Amigos! I shall be back, 'coz I am addicted to blogging [read: mental purging]!
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