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Finally saw it!

Rachel Getting Married 

Finally managed to rent the DVD and see the movie.  Everyone who had seen it recommended it and the critics [who are often harsh, than not] also couldn't stop raving about it last year. My verdict? Luuurrvvve it! What an amazing movie! The opening is grasping, the story-telling is relentless, and the end is moving. Perfect Drama! 

Anne Hathatway's portrayal of the disturbed-flawed-character of Kym is absorbing. No surprise she got the nod for an Oscar nomination here but Rosemarie DeWitt who play's Rachel is equally convincing and intriguing. What worked for me in the movie is that I could relate to both sisters in different situations. Kym's obnoxious behavior which is an obvious cry for help and Rachel's martyr-like personality waiting to explode. I might clarify that I am neither of the two 'exactly' but I felt I 'could be' ... if that makes any sense

I do not have a sister, thus would never understand the sisterly-rivalry, but this is how I always assumed two sisters would behave. Loving, yet always competing and waiting to out-do-the-other. The constant bantering between the sisters, divorced parents, complete dysfunctional family = perfect cinematic drama. An afternoon well spent ...

Over to The-Outfit-of-the-Day!

The weather was pleasant and we had an amazing evening planned with friends to say Adios to February. I wasn't cold enough for a jacket and neither was warm enough for dresses. So I guessed a perfect time to wear my coral-zipper sleeveless sweater. Pair with my age-old-favorite leggings and comfortable shoes. 

Focusing on the zipper-detail here. P.S. Zips are in now-a-days but are lucky enough you might find that you already own something in your wardrobe. I have a rule of thumb to discard any clothing that I have not worn in over 1 year. However, there are few pieces like sweaters, lace skirts, dresses worth saving because, trust me, they always come back in fashion! [and I have only been alive on earth for less than 3 decades right now]

I decided to keep it simple with one black beaded string and one bangle. The sweater it self was enough to grab attention [...and keep it there ;)]

And this is me, ready to go Vrooom-Vroom, and enjoy my last weekend of February! :o)