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Color Me Colorful

Alright, now since February is over, the remaining of the year is going to be a draggggg. Blah! I have been nudging my brain to write something but somehow I feel 'thought-less' ... well, not literally, just me-got-no-thoughts! Hence, gear up for some more random rambling. 

Last weekend, we (Me and husband) went out with few friends. The discussion drove itself in the direction of immigrants and their behavior. I have been an immigrants in 4 countries, in last 12 years. I never understood people who made stereotypical (demeaning) remarks about the country (and it's people) they have migrated to! People are full of complaints. They expect full acceptance from the citizens while behaving as if they were still in their own home-country. They expect access to all rights [on human grounds, is it?]. They except to breed their own clan on the new soil without much rules and restriction from the 'new' country. And my favorite if when their children are born and brought up in the 'new' xyz country and yet they expect them to behave 'exactly' like the children in their native country, probably would. Bizarre, I say! The bottom line is that everyone wants to move on towards the greener pastures yet face no social or cultural challenges. [Ever heard of the phrase When in Rome, be Roman?

Anyone with common sense would either fight their cause on their own soil or adapt to the new environment (with humility, I might add)! With time and experience I have learnt that majority of people, after all, do not think like this. I am sure there are many anthropological reasoning for their behavior but I fail to see them. To me they are plain olĂ© hypocrite. 

Now time for the Outfit-of-the-day! 

It was a beautiful Sunny afternoon. We had amazing breakfast and then drove around to find perfect spot to hangout and enjoy the sun! [Can always count on my husband to take my 'fun-yet-silly' pictures :o)]
I have an interesting story to tell about this multi-coloured top. One shopping day, I was dressed in layers and layers to combat the cold and wind of London. I entered this fabulous store (where I can always  depends on finding something stylish) and picked this top to try but it was not in my size (or let's say only the large'r' sizes were hanging on the racks). So I asked the sales guy, who was gay [I will tell you in a moment why that is relevant] to help me find my size. He looked at me and said, "You are what? 6 or 8 [UK Sizes]?" I knew that was my cue to take off my jacket. He exclaimed, "Oh my God, You are tiny! You must be a 2." I was size 0 but I picked up size 1 because I already knew I wanted to style it with a shirt! So a 'gay sales person' at a high street London store calling you 'tiny' is the compliment of highest order! (Anyone who has lived in London, would agree...)

O! The lovely grey-high-heel-booties. They go with everything. Grey is one color which is as good as black in most situation (according to me). 

The last but not the least, one for fun! When in doubt what 'silly' expression to make "Think Sridevi" and it will come naturally. Haha :o) [Sridevi is a legendary Indian actress] 

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