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Book Review - Committed

Photography by Anita Dhanwani - Myraa Ahuja

Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

With much ado I managed to finally finish reading this book at the long flight layover, last week. It was a much anticipated read after Gilbert's pervious Best Seller - Eat, Pray, Love. My friend Namrata informed me on my birthday that this book is already out since a few weeks. As a co-incidence we all (me, Nam and Anita) purchased the book on the same day (Feb 21st), however if I am not mistaken I am the only one who has finished reading it! Not because I am a fervent reader (in fact to the contrary) but only because I could not stand to let it linger on any longer.

Committed picks up from where Eat, Love, Pray left off. Gilbert is going strong with her boyfriend Filipe for about two years since we heard about them last. However, now they are faced with an inopportune situation where they have no option but to get married in order to stay together [while sustaining a fulfilling career]. The book is meant to depict her journey "as a sceptic making peace with marriage"

She ends up in Far east again (with Filipe) while waiting for legal paperwork permitting them to do the nuptials. The book is full of interesting factoids from Roman history, Vietnamese culture, Chinese traditions and about divorce rate and infidelity and other research on marriage et al. Yet, it was not enough to satisfy me as a reader. Though, I thoroughly enjoyed reading her quotes from her friends and family [especially her Grandma Maude]. 

While her reverie makes an entertaining read in parts, but mostly it seems like a long and tiresome. It is evident that Gilbert had done a thorough research for the book but I felt I was left craving for more personal touch and experiences [...between her and Filipe, for example?]. The tone was already set for the book where there was little mystery but a lot of description. My knowledge about marriage and it's history has been rehabilitated, thanks to Gilbert, but the book, however, lacks the punch! 

I tried my best to not compare her two books, but how can I not? To conclude, I would quote and agree with Anita and Namrata's comments they shared with me while they were reading the book, "it's like reading a dissertation on marriage" ... "but it's no Eat, Pray, Love", respectively. 

Now the Outfit-of-the-Day

We were going out for dinner with family to celebrate my brother and Sister-in-law's Birthday (They share the same date). I was tempted to wear something Indian (since I am in India) But since I didn't have anything appropriate to wear which was ironed and also apt for the weather, I thought this was the closest alternative! You will notice, I am again wearing the same top from the other Day but I paired it with different leggings and an open toed sandals.