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Movie Review - Love Sex aur Dhoka

I saw the movie few days back and ever since I have been contemplating whether to write a review or not [and clearly I decided to write]. The reason for this sha-sho-panj (confusion) was that the movie displays a stark reality about the society that we live in and it disturbs me. Well, more about that later ... let's discuss the movie first.

The treatment of the movie is similar to what we have already seen in Hollywood, for example, The Blair Witch Project (1999), Cloverfield (2008), or the recent Paranormal Activity (2009). However, besides that single similarity everything else about the movie is quite honest and relevant! The movie's narration is divided in three stories.

First story is a poor spoof on DDLJ showcasing two clichés of Bollywood. One, rich girl falls in love with a 'relatively' poor guy and daddy doesn't approve! Second, director falling in love with their heroins and rotating the movies around their whims and fancy! This is probably the weakest story of the three according to me with poor and draaaaggging screenplay which made me yawn! more than I would like to [during a movie]!

Second story is about an average-looking-naive-girl working to support her family. She falls in love with a colleague [or someone, I am not sure as it was not clear why that dude used to hang around the grocery shop!]. This is where the movie picks up a little and raises some form of curiosity.

Third story is about a small-town-amibitious girl who was promised a music video by some popular singer. Naturally, he wants her to pay a 'price' for that honor! The girl eventually comes in contact with a cameraman who works for a producer specializing in 'sting' operations who convinces her to catch the 'act' on camera and rest is quite obvious isn't it?

Well, here on the movies takes various twists and turns and they show how the three stories are linked together [I am leaving some parts out for the readers who haven't seen the movie and may be would like to?]. The climax of the movie is it's redemption I would say but I wish that the story was a little more engrossing throughout. Needless to say the title fits all three stories as they all have a tadka [dose] of 'Love Sex & Dhoka'

This would be the third feather in Dibakar Banerjee’s cap, after the earlier two National Award-winning films, Khosla Ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. Though, I appreciate the diverse genres he is attempting to show in his movies there were some weak links. For example, why was the camera on while people are having private conversation in their room? The CCTV and Camera while movie-shooting are justified but camera in bedroom while husband and wife are consummating their marriage is beyond my comprehension!

The performance of every cast member was top-notch. Everyone fit their character to the 'T' in my opinion. Last but not the least the title track of the movie [in the end] is KILLERRR & A Must Watch!

And now why I wrote this review is because I am afraid what the movie shows about our society is actually quite true. Globalization ...and exposure ...and modernization is all great but where is it really taking us? If this is who we are and how we live then there is something seriously wrong here. I do not mean to preach or say I know better than everyone else. However, the world I grew up in, or would like to continue living in is becoming a distant memory with every passing day. It could be my naivety and that 'better' world never existed or it could be that everyone has become a little 'too selfish' and stopped seeing the bigger picture, long time ago! 

It's about time we all wake up and smell the coffee because our 1000's of years of culture and heritage is going down the toilet and nobody [or rather very few] seems to care! Or ... am I wrong?

And now over to Clothes, Accessories & Shoes [Hehe] Outfit-of-the-day!

Tee - Vintage [Thrifted]
Tights - Thrifted
Shoes - Børn [Same as worn here]

Read, Write and ... Dhoka!

Photography courtesy Marcus Ohlsson 

I don't know why but all my thoughts, mostly come crashing down on me while I am in bed dozing off to lala-land [far away from a pen & paper or a laptop]. Sometimes I feel I will forget all my thoughts and hence I have to wake up and write them down, immediately and that's what I am doing right now. It's almost a compulsive disorder!

So, all of you who are a regular here, might have noticed that few days back I added a counter at the top-right-hand-corner of this page. No! No ... it's not to boost my ego by keeping track of the daily traffic to this site [well, may be a little ... so sue me! ;)]. Actaully, every now and then, there is a blast from the past, an old acquaintance, a forgotten friend, a long lost cousin who will suddenly appear in my life and declare - Oh! I know everything about you, I read your blog. And I would think to myself - Woah! This 'almost' stranger knows all my thoughts and I know nothing about them!!! And then I would calm down 'coz let's face it I have awesome thoughts [:P] and who wants to know about anyone else, anyways? Helps me keep it 'all about me'. Hehe! Anyways, my point was that since everyone doesn't leave comments, the tracker at least let me know how many people bother to read... 

Well, jokes aside, it is quite unnerving to realize that sooooo many people know all your naked thoughts but at the same time, it's quite liberating as well. Reinforcing my quest to be honest and true-to-all [and myself!]. I sincerely appreciate everyone reading  my blog and  a special thanks to everyone who makes an effort to leave their feedback on every single post! [I have thanked everyone important in my life in past few weeks, why leave you all out, right?]

However, since we are on the topic, can I also use this opportunity to address something that has been on my mind for quite sometimes now. While I do appreciate you all coming out here and being part of my manic-world but let's not forget that this is after all my world [I mean the the blog, in case that's not clear]! Everything I write here is only my opinion about stuff [Food, Fitness, Films, Fashion, Family, Friends & F-ilosophy!] and I do not expect you to agree with it all but while leaving comments please keep it civil. I am open to criticism but not antagonism!  

Phew! Having laid that burden off, let see the Outfit-of-the-day!

Oh! Spring! Love it. The weather is like a dream. Bright-beautiful-warm-sunny-days with light-cool-breeze. Yum :) Was out to meet my ace photographer - Hongmi for some coffee & conversation. [Next time I have to remember to click a picture of her as well, to show you all] So for this perfect spring afternoon I wore a simple cotton dress with my favorite booties and a layered-metal chain with a hint to pink ... making it a little feminine, don't you think?

Dress - Urban Outfitter
Necklace - Francesca's
Shoes - Flea Market [London] Can you believe it??! 

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. - Dr Seuss


Movie Review - Bounty Hunter

At Movie's Paris Promotion - While she looks bright like sunshine, he looks blah! Agree?

Last night, I don't know why but I tortured myself with - Bounty Hunter. Oh God, What a drag! Jennifer, sorry darling, I love you but you have got to make better movie choices. And as for Mr. Butler, I happen to notice today [on TV] that you played a 'one second' role in 1997 - Tomorrow Never Dies? I suggest you continue doing that 'coz it's definite now that you can't act and really with that personality I do not think you are going to be getting anywhere, anytime soon either [Not to mention you are 40+ with zero sizzle].

Synopsis - [Don't panic, any cynical readers, I am not going to spoil any suspense for you!] Aniston is a investigative reporter who stumbles upon a suicide case which 'probably' involves a corrupt police officer, or may be not! So while she is busy in her 'search-for-truth', Butler is a bounty hunter who's next assignment happens to pick up his ex-wife who has skipped bail! It is a rom-com, made to attract all tootsie girls, I suppose, whom the producers assume they can drag into the theaters just to show another cliché movie where they live happily ever after, minus a few speed breaks to add drama, is it?

While the movies tries reaalllyyy hard to be oh!-so-romantic, it fails miserably and falls flat on it's reel! There is zero chemistry. Zero character. And a very poor screenplay. I beg you Andy Tennant [director] to stop making such hopeless movies [first Fool's Gold (2008) and now this!]. They really spoil my day, as I am a sucker for chick flicks!

As for all of you, if you have anything better to do, then please skip this dire-attempt of cinema but in case [just like me] you are sleepless in the middle of the night and do not mind something going on in the background putting you to sleep, like a lullaby - go ahead and watch it! 



Christian Louboutin - Current object of lust!

Now that we are done praising the whole world, can please bring back the focus to, your's truly? It is, my blog after all. And since, no one in my life is about to write a blog praising me, I think it is only fair that I indulge in some narcissist talk? What do you think? [No? Well, stop reading and move on then!]

Anyone who has been around this space for sometime would know that for the past year I have been trying to be a better human being ( and man! it's hard ... Phew!). Honestly, being nice is all good-and-fine but really! mean and selfish is more like my thing ... suits me better and I am really good at it too! Yoga and Pilates help me stay in the state of zen (and country of Om!) but the inhabitants of this earth always bring me back. 

While I can be all the 'good' in the world, there is a 100% guarantee that the people I come across I mostly going to be an a$$! Then, isn't it only equitable that I behave like 'Romans' when in 'Rome'? [I can already hear all the wise-cracks telling me to keep my calm and not stoop down to their level!

Matter-of-fact is that I have always been one of those few people who have always had the right-response at the right-time. [Unlike most people, who tell me, they always feel they know what to say, right after the moment has passed!] I never regret giving a piece of my mind to anyone who deserves it. The trick is to say it in the right-tone and with dignity! 

However, lately I have been practicing the 'power of silence' [following Mom's advice] while it's working well 90% of the time, but yet there are days when I all I really want is to go-back-to-being the old me [whoever that is!].

For now, let's let-this-be and move on to the exciting part of my day -> Outfit-of-the-day!

Maxi's have been 'In' for last 2 summers and I am glad they are still on the scene. Since there is absolutely 'nil' opportunity to wear gowns in my life [since the Graduation Prom, where I looked like fat potato] this is the closest to anything long and flowing I can wear. It's a tube-top and to add some jazz I paired it with a dark-denim-vest [not to forget that denims are 'In' as well!]. I, luckily, also had some flats to match the color and voila! I was ready to do a coffee-run [yeah! not much social activity in life right now!]. Sooooo ... you like? P.S. So see how I wore it last year click here.

Maxi - Thrifted (U.S.)
Vest - Stradivarius (Dubai)
Necklace - Flea Market (Ladakh)
Shoes - Steve Madden (U.S.)

Learning without Ego!

I have spent first half of my 20's being an egotistical snob and I am spending the second half making up for it [Humility does go a long way, doesn't it now?] First of many thing is marriage that has taught me that the world is not made up of only me [how I wish it did, though *wink*]. Secondly, failures and disappointments have taught me to ... keep moving. Nothing is about to stop just because I am having a bad day! [Dammit, why did I always believe I was a princess, then?] Thirdly, life has taught me - 'to each their own' ... in everything! If you don't help yourself, no one else is about to either. Lastly, yoga is teaching me to be at peace and breathe. Before doing yoga I doubt if I actually ever took a proper breadth! 

I hope you do not feel that this is going to be one of my first dispirited post, 'coz it is not! I was only spending my afternoon wrapping up work and pondering over what I have learnt so far [work wise] and suddenly my thoughts took me to what I have learnt -oh! well- in life so far... And lately I am learning a lot. Like how to keep my head always on my shoulders, strip naked of any ego at all and the most difficult - be open to criticism. One person who is helping me do all this [and is unaware of it] is my brother. He is being exceptionally patient and encouraging me. It's refreshing to learn from him since he is younger to me. 

We have always been an unorthodox siblings. You might find two brothers who are very close, or even two sisters who adore each other but I doubt that you will find a brother-sister as close-and-corny as us. When we were kids we used to find common ground in whining about our mother. We took turns in getting scolding from Mom as whoever she saw first would have the hell break lose on him/her and the next one would only get few harsh words ;). Then later when he was in college and I was working we were roommates for almost 2 years [where we both gained like 20kgs! thanks to Ben & Jerry]. Soon after we both decided to move back home and renovated our house together [and lost more than 20kgs respectively ... and still counting ...]. Now I have been married for 3 years and in spite the fact that I live saat samundar paar [7 oceans away] he is the only person I spend the most time with 'coz he is the only one who makes time for me [and can travel on demand *wink*]. 

He, I believe is my, only best friend. I can say the meanest thing about the world [and people] and know that he wouldn't judge me. In fact, we wait to tell each other the most judgmental and meanest thoughts we have, 'coz we know it will make us laugh like a maniac! He is one of the few people who can criticize me and get away with it. 

I am so proud of him in so many ways and am really glad that he is doing well in life. I hope he gets everything that he sets his heart upon. I remember a lot of my friends who didn't have sisters but wanted one [to share their life and stuff] but I never wanted another sister or brother. The one I have is perfect :o)

P.S. Wow! My stream of thought is really insane. What did I start writing about and where did I end up? Anywhoooo, at least this will make Tanuj's day when he wakes up! ;)

As for the Outfit-of-the-day, let's see what we have today. Oh! Linens. Unlike Texas [which doesn't even have spring yet], Delhi already has a full-blown summer in the middle of March! God has really gone crazy with the weather this year. Someone might wanna check with him, "What's up with the weather, Jesus?"

Linen Top - Giovanni
Leggings - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Børn
With Surbhi & Anubha :o)

This is the last outfit from my Delhi trip. It was a beautiful but busy Sunday afternoon starting with lunch with school friends, followed by plans to see a movie with family and little window shopping in CP, ending with a rather 'heavy' dinner at Lé Meridien, Delhi. 

Discipline is Wisdom

My Mum often describes me as "someone who can do anything, if she puts her mind to it!" What I understand from it is that anything is possible if you are disciplined. All throughout my past 28 years I have often ridiculed my childhood as the time of my life lived under the "Hitler regime" [Hehe]. Mom was very strict and forced us to live in an extremely stringent routine. Without narrating the whole story again, I would only say that all throughout our childhood [me and my brother] it has been instilled in our brains that 'the day begins at 6am [sunday and holidays included]' & 'you eat what is cooked, no special meals for anyone'. 

It was the discipline that helped me stay in focus and do well in studies throughout. It was again the discipline in lifestyle which has helped me stay healthy and fit. Today, when I am turning a new leaf in life and need to be more proactive and proficient, the only help I have - is from myself - and that is again, discipline! 

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment - Jim Rohn

Personally, I believe that discipline has many complimentary traits as well like self-control, determination and strong will power. Something else I have discovered is that discipline also comes from priority. Till I don't think something is absolutely necessary, I will not have the will or courage to do it. But then if you have led a disciplined life for the most parts then you are kind-of on an auto-pilot to lead a 'relatively' healthy and productive life in future too ... do you get where I am going with it? 

Oh well, to summarize, all I am saying is that I am, after all, thankful for the disciplined life my Mum made me lead and I hope to always prove her right [ ... that I will succeed super-balastically in anything I put my mind to ;)]

Now let's put our minds to the Out-of-the-day. Today I feel like doing a Party special! So below are the clothing choices I have made in past weeks while I was in company of others ;)

More than the dress, the venue was amazzzzing! It's an Indian fusion restaurant called Veda. Anyone who is in Delhi or is about to visit Delhi must eat here. The appetizers we simply divine. Really!

Had a very busy evening, first dinner with family and then drinks with friends. Delhi had the perrrfect weather for the jumpsuit. I absolutely adore this jumpsuit. The fit is phenomenal, the waist band makes me look tiny, and the easy-breezy material was super soft on skin! 

 This is the same denim dress I wore a couple weeks back (Click here to see) but this time sans jacket, belt and leggings. And can I remind that denim is apparently 'In' this spring!

Few months back our place was burglarized and among many valuable the bloody burglars also took my costume jewelry [some of the stuff I had since my middle-school days! *sad.face*] My Mum-in-law was sweet enough to help me indulge is some new fashion jewelry as she is aware that I luurrvee dressing up! :o) 

Book Review - A Thousand Splendid Suns

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

One of my facebook acquaintances had a status update requesting her friends to suggest a few books to her. That's where I picked up the name of this book and went and bought it the same day from one of my favorite book stores in Delhi [Full Circle]. Having read The Kite Runner I was excited to start reading the book immediately. Despite of the long tiring day I had had, I tried to read a few chapters to get the feel of the story. [I seldom pick up books after reading their reviews. Mostly I prefer word-of-mouth]. 

From the word go the book engrossed me. It's tone is set out to be heartbreaking from the first page but it has an element of curiosity which doesn't let you put the book down. The story is set in Afghanistan. Over the period of 30 years, it narrates the story of two women, Mariam and Laila, and their journey of discovering themselves and an inconceivable friendship. The books covers all facets of life from class, culture, religion, education, marriage, parenthood, sexuality and patriotism. Moreover, it covers all these facets from a noteworthy 'female' point-of-view! 

The author clearly states that it's a work of fiction however the description of Soviet invasion to the inception of Taliban gave me an insight into the country through the eyes of a  'probable' citizen [Khaled Hosseini]. The story is very neatly woven along with the country's history, without making it a History Textbook. Hosseini's eloquent writing paints a harsh yet vivid picture of what religious fanaticism can do to a culturally rich society. 

The books left me more aware of how much I have to be thankful for and how hard life can be on some women fighting to survive in a civil uproar and a tyrannical regime.  

I have a travel bug in me and so far Pakistan was probably the only 'controversial' destination on my list. However, after The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, Kabul (Afghanistan) has also made it to my list. 

Oooooooo! Now, time for the Out-of-the-Day

I was dying to pair stripes with florals and voila! I found something in my wardrobe that [I think] went well with each other. These biker-girl-jeans are also my current obsession! [Click here to see how I pair these jeans previously]

I had an amazing afternoon with delicious food and lovely company [of my cousins and uncle/aunt and neice/nephew]. Behind you can have a glimpse of the city of Delhi and the Talkatora Statidum where Commonwealth 2010 will take place in October. 

These are one of my favorite pair of pumps. I digggg the military green color and also the touch of bow! 

Officially Spring is here!

Saw this lady on the street dressed completely funky head-to-toe. I absolutely lurrveed her look! 
Pestered her to let me click her and she obliged! 

It's officially spring now and I cannot contain my delight. I am 'so' over the winters. However, for some inexplainable reason it's still freaking cold in Texas (of all the places). What world are we living in now? *Sigh!

One of the many reasons the change in weather excites me, is because it brings an opportunity to 'spring-clean' [so-to-say] my wardrobe. Throw away [read: donate] the old faded winter clothing and look out of fresh new clothes. I am no slave to fashion trends but some of the trends I am seeing emerging on the scene this spring are on my mind!

Denim - Apparently, denims are back with a bang ... in all colors and forms. Although, I only prefer them in skinny jeans. I am not a big fan of Denim jackets or shirts ... but then you never know with me!

Florals - While growing up I wasn't a big fan of florals but now I have made peace with small floral prints. They can look good if worn properly. Fashion PoliceI still think big and broad built people should stay clear of big-floral-prints! 

Polka Dot - These I love! Polka dots makes me feel Pretty-Polly and I am glad they are back. [Did they ever leave?!?!] Fashion Police - Again, stay clear of big polka dots. They only work when worn as blouse/top.

Shorts - Another trend I am Thankful for. Specially, when you have slogged your ba-tooty in the gym for the whole dreadful winters you are glad that finally you can show-off your 'million-dollar-worth' legs *wink* Fashion Police - If you have any wiggle below your waist, you might wanna re-think wearing shorts in public! 

Whites - This is no surprise! It's about time, I would say. There is nothing like wearing a 'white' shirt/dress/khaki to feel bright and shining. Can't wait to wear it!


Dressed to meet my girrrllllssss!!! 

A much awaited girls-night-out after four months, felt like oxygen to a dying soul [of course I am exaggerating, Drama Queen can't change!]

Generally I am wary of wearing anything 'too' shiny but here I made an exception. I couldn't resist these tights. Paired it with a hugging ruffles top. Any comments?!?!

Always Daddy's Girl!

My Daddy Best-est! *Touchwood*
I am most definitely biased because he is my father. Nonetheless, I have no hesitation in acknowledging where the praise is due. My father is a mobile-encyclopedia on work-ethics and life. He is the most positive and alive person anyone would ever meet (guaranteed!). He has been probing me to write a book on his life (a.k.a. his biography) for years now. After working with him closely, for only two weeks, I am thinking - Book to banti hai, yaar! (Book is a must!) 

I have learnt from my father how to deal with people, how to handle them, when to be (or not be) aggressive and firm, how to keep an open mind and take life as it comes, 'in the real sense'! What I am taking away from him this time is how to be professional and maintain your sophistication and calm no matter what!

No one is perfect and we are most certainly not discussing perfection here either. However, if for the majortiy of his life, a person is efficient-> commercially and appropriate-> personally, in my opinion, he is as close as you can get to perfection in today's world. As a daughter, life always seems easier and happier around him :o)

Some of the 'Commerial (Pearls of) Wisdom', I was able to pen-down while working with my Father, are as follows:

Lesson 1 - Daily Working + Uncertainity = Business

Lesson 2 - Life (work, included!) is a constant journey of improvement! Every day think you'll get closer to perfection, tomorrow...

Lesson 3 - Growth or Failure, you as a person should never change. Maintain consistent behavior!

Lesson 4 - Experience is important but not more than Result (oriented)!

Lesson 5 - Success in Business is measured by Goodwill first and Monetary Value second!

Professional Outfits in this week

While I am extremely experimental in my casual/social wear, I am relatively conservative in my professional clothing. I prefer subtle colors, mostly trousers, and probably the only exciting part is the shirts/tops! I call is it the 'no-non-sense-dressing'. While at work I prefer to be comfortable and not have to bother about clothes. Therefore, I prefer simple straight cuts, loose fittings, and least time consuming ensemble. Belts, Shoes and waist-coats are optional but preferable, always! 

P.S. Although it's my Mother's birthday today I decided to write about my Dad 'coz this time it was all about him! Nonetheless, none of us (me, Dad or Brother) would get anywhere without her. Happy Happy Birthday Mom!

P.P.S. Also, Haaaaapppppyyyyyy Birrrrtttthhhhhday to the micro-blogger of this Blog - Anita! You are my Rock, babes! Life is wonderful because you are my friend :o) May you live a million years! 

Men Men Manly Men

For the longest time I have maintained my view that I like the 'quiet-serious-sorta-men' [QSSM] who only talk when they can 'actually' improve the silence. They, in my opinion, have a certain mystery and charisma attached to them. Mind you, I do not mean the boring-with-attitude-kinds but silent-with-brains-kinds. Although, I am well aware that this is a highly debatable area 'coz while girls like guys with brain, they do like to laugh as well! These are like two bi-polar qualities, hard to find in the same person.

While I still stand by that silence is golden, nonetheless this past week has been a revealation. QSSM do not make good arm-candy! (*wink*) No really, let me elaborate. While a teenager or a girl in early 20's might be drawn to such men (Or may be not, and I am the only freak who did!) but as you grow up (finally!) you would discover that you need friendly-socially-compatible-men to enjoy life!

Enter: Husband! He is an absolute opposite of a QSSM! He loves to talk and intereact with all. He is friendly and gets along with almost everyone, of any age. And his this quality is such a BOON for me! The ignorant-me is only realising this now. Everyone we meet loves him and half of my own family & friends prefer him over me (and I love that!). So I guess, what I am trying to say is that I am just-about-ready to wave Goodbye! to QSSM 'coz I have realised that it's the fun-and-friendly husband, who I actually prefer. [I'll silently continue to admire the QSSM, 'coz they do have their own advantages :P]

The other day at lunch my friend Anubha said and I quote, "Everyone finds their fit!" So true. Everyone does. [ ... and if they don't they adjust and make it fit!]


Ready to start shopping! Off to celebrate my brother's birthday with loads of (instant) presents!

Don't particularly like this picture of myself but it displays the interesting work of my top! Love the Pink and I think it goes well with the black leggings. You like?

Book Review - Committed

Photography by Anita Dhanwani - Myraa Ahuja

Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert

With much ado I managed to finally finish reading this book at the long flight layover, last week. It was a much anticipated read after Gilbert's pervious Best Seller - Eat, Pray, Love. My friend Namrata informed me on my birthday that this book is already out since a few weeks. As a co-incidence we all (me, Nam and Anita) purchased the book on the same day (Feb 21st), however if I am not mistaken I am the only one who has finished reading it! Not because I am a fervent reader (in fact to the contrary) but only because I could not stand to let it linger on any longer.

Committed picks up from where Eat, Love, Pray left off. Gilbert is going strong with her boyfriend Filipe for about two years since we heard about them last. However, now they are faced with an inopportune situation where they have no option but to get married in order to stay together [while sustaining a fulfilling career]. The book is meant to depict her journey "as a sceptic making peace with marriage"

She ends up in Far east again (with Filipe) while waiting for legal paperwork permitting them to do the nuptials. The book is full of interesting factoids from Roman history, Vietnamese culture, Chinese traditions and about divorce rate and infidelity and other research on marriage et al. Yet, it was not enough to satisfy me as a reader. Though, I thoroughly enjoyed reading her quotes from her friends and family [especially her Grandma Maude]. 

While her reverie makes an entertaining read in parts, but mostly it seems like a long and tiresome. It is evident that Gilbert had done a thorough research for the book but I felt I was left craving for more personal touch and experiences [...between her and Filipe, for example?]. The tone was already set for the book where there was little mystery but a lot of description. My knowledge about marriage and it's history has been rehabilitated, thanks to Gilbert, but the book, however, lacks the punch! 

I tried my best to not compare her two books, but how can I not? To conclude, I would quote and agree with Anita and Namrata's comments they shared with me while they were reading the book, "it's like reading a dissertation on marriage" ... "but it's no Eat, Pray, Love", respectively. 

Now the Outfit-of-the-Day

We were going out for dinner with family to celebrate my brother and Sister-in-law's Birthday (They share the same date). I was tempted to wear something Indian (since I am in India) But since I didn't have anything appropriate to wear which was ironed and also apt for the weather, I thought this was the closest alternative! You will notice, I am again wearing the same top from the other Day but I paired it with different leggings and an open toed sandals. 
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