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Shallow? Who? ... Me?!?!

A friend of mine called me last night ... while I was indulging in some late night television. She needed some 'fake' quotes for her grad-school assignment on Luxury Brands! Of course she called ME! In her own words, "I don't know anyone else who is into brands more than you!" While on any other day I would take this as a compliment but I have a distinct feeling that it wasn't this time! Regardless of the fact that she was calling me for help!, she called me shallow! I love her and hence she is safe from any pain that could have been inflicted on her ... but wait-a-sec ... Hello!? Did she just say shallow? ... Who? ... Me?!??

Let's put Tanvi under the microscope (Yes! Again! It's my blog, who else do you think we will be talking about here?!). In my 120 posts, over the period of 14 months, we have learnt many things about me. Like, that I am judgmental, opinionated, maaayyy be politically-incorrect, sometimes stubborn, too honest for-my-own-good, sharp tongue and even seldom conceited! But hey! - Shallow is where I draw the line. I over-rule this objection! I am not shallow. 

I am amused by fashion. I like brands because they symbolize quality and luxury. I am aware of my surroundings which include politics as much as it does the 'it' bag from Chanel. And yes, may be in my world "I" does come before "U". Nonetheless, these are the choices I make for myself and not judge the world by them. This is the way I wish to lead my life and spend my money. However, I do not think less or more of anyone who follows opposite or same principles, respectively! I am not in the mood to explain who might be shallow in my eyes but it's definitely not me, people! I said the same words to my friend last night who I assume derived quotes out of it and said 'Good speech!" and hung up! Oh! well I'm glad I could help, I guess that's what shallow-people do in her world - Help! *wicked.grin* >

P.S. February - A month full of birthday! It's my cousin Ruchika's birthday today and I know she reads my blog regularly. I have wished her on every possible web-medium available so I thought, why not here too! Right? Happy Birthday, Ruchika! Have a great year ahead :o)