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Random Ranting

Phrase written & Picture taken by the best photographer I know - Anita

A few days back I went for coffee with Veronica (don't tell me you forgot, who she is!?). She was telling me about her dreams and ambitions. You would be surprised to know that majority of our conversation did not revolve around fitness. However, she did say something about fitness, to which I can relate (probably, daily). She said, "Weight-loss is not just transformation of your body but also your mind & how you view the world." However, lately though my body is bright and chirpy ... my world is looking a little somber! 

I am turning 28 this weekend and everyone keeps exclaiming the digits to me with amusement. I am 'supposedly' expected to respond but I do not know how? Honestly, age has never bothered me. It didn't mean anything when I entered my teens, definitely didn't mean a thing when I turned 16 (in fact I specifically remember being neck deep in books, studying for my 10th Grade exams a.k.a boards), had no clue what to do when I turned 18, and didn't feel one bit adult when I turned 21. If anything the older I grow, the better I look. So I must be one of those 'old wine' clichés. (If you ask me, it's the best cliché to be!)

The only downside I can see of growing old is that, 'that much' further away from my perfect childhood, I get and have to live with all the [damn] responsibilities [due to society's pressure of behaving like an 'adult']. Apparently, the only thing weight-loss hasn't managed to affect ... is my ability to sulk. I can still do that at the drop-of-the-hat!

On the brighter side let's see the Outfit-of-the-day [Thanks Meetu D!]

As it looks-like, majority of the choices I make [about what outfit to wear] are either dependent on the weather or on the fact that 'I-haven't-worn-it-since-soooo-long'! This cute little denim dress I had picked up, from Chicago 2 years back, for a bargain [I love Macy's]. And then I rely on my ability of accessorize with everything I have in my wardrobe! I always get numerous compliments whenever I wear these tights. However, the best one that day was, "You know how to work your colors, gal!"

Every week we have a "Working Women's Wednesday" at the nearby pub where delicious Margaritas are for just $2.00 and to top it the DJ plays my kinda music (Fergie, Jay Z, Rihanna, et al). But what they don't know is that I am not a 'working-woman' ... so shhhhh!

Happy Weekend, everyone!