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Last Days of Winters

I am aware that most people do not like winters. Me? I love them! Specially, since I turned 'skinny' (jealous much? *tch.tch.* Ok! Ok! I'll play nice, today). Of course, winters are dreadful and the wind makes it even more unbearable (dry skin, chapped lips, coarse hair, grrr) but they are way better than the sweaty summers (sweat rings, eeeewwww). Winters have a solution - You can check the weather and dress accordingly. Wear as many layers as you wish (as your size allows) and block the cold. There is a solution! However, what solution does summer provide? Except stay indoors in an air-conditioned room ( i.e. carbon polluted air). No matter how sparsely you dress there is no running away from the sun! 

Don't get me wrong - I luuuurrrrve summers. Shorts, Minis, Cotton dresses, ... What's not to love? I am only trying to put the practicality, in terms of wardrobe, in perspective here. Of course, there are places like California and Mexico, which are blessed with 12 months of perfect weather. But the whole world cannot move there! We are most likely to be stuck in super-ultra-cold places like Chicago, New York, Denver or super-annoyingly-warm places like Dubai, Delhi, Texas. 

But I say, enjoy where you are and make the most of it. Stop getting pissed at the weather. There is really no point! God isn't twisting your arm and making you stay wherever it is that you stay. It's your free will. 

Well, enough lecture for today. Let's re-cap my fashion choices in the last few weeks. But before you scroll down, let me defend myself and say that the only reason I enjoy fashion blogging (besides the fact that I love getting my pictures clicked) is that I am daily inspired by the various fashin-bloggers whom I have been following for few months. They are simply fabulous in their styling. I am just hoping to pass on the torch ...  

P.S. I am sorry I cannot share my shopping secrets (i.e. where I got what from) with you any more because I have been told not to. Can't tell you by whom but it's someone you know and someone I am scared of! Ha! Keep guessing and if you crack it then shhhhhh!
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