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I Love Hearts!

Oh God! I am having performance anxiety today. I am writing this post under a huge pressure! A.) It's Valentine's Day and I don't have a romantic bone in my body & B.) I have promised ANUBHA to write a post on her birthday, so do not want to let her down! So before we begin, everyone please wish ANUBHA, my school friend (which takes us back to almost 15 years) a very Happy Birthday! She is the sweetest and the quirkiest person, I know. We often have a hard time figuring out when she is serious and when she is being sarcastic. In her own-sweet-way she expresses both these emotions with minimal disparity! 

After much deliberation I have, after all, decided to write about lurrrve

While 'googling' (is there anything left anymore that one can't google about?!) I found everyone had three major views about Valentine's Day. Either they - 
  1. Love it/Don't mind it - These are mostly the people who are in a relationship. Hence, they have someone to pamper them and spoil them, and most importantly share the day with!
  2. Despise it - Don't kill me but I have a feeling that these are mostly the 'Single' people in the society. They conveniently despise it till they happen to meet someone ... and then they will 'register' for the 'Love it' group, I assume.
  3. Everyday is like a Valentine's Day - I am not a sexist but these are probably men (may be even a few women) who do not want 'yet' another reason to go-out-there and buy a gift/flowers/candy (after in-numerous anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, etc. etc.) Therefore they have opted for a convenient excuse of we do not need one 'special' day to show love. We show it everyday! (Really?! ... I don't think so!) 
In case, anyone is wondering what my views are (although I highly doubt you are) - I 'really' can't remember if I ever had any views about - Valentine's Day. But the way I see it today is - another reason to be Happy, so why not?!? :o)

Way ... wayyyyy ... back I was introduced to this day by SAKSHI, one of my oldest friends. We used to live in the same neighborhood aka 'colony' (anyone who lives in the same locality as us, we refer to them as 'colony' friend, in India). Her progressive older cousins from Bombay had introduced her to this 'Red' occasion and she passed on her wisdom to me. Therefore, needless to say she was my first and only Valentine for a longggg time! ... and after that since I loved giving cards, I continued the tradition by giving a Valentine's Day Card to all my girlfriends. However, my only boy-Valentine has been my husband. This year, he has treated me to everything I wanted - A Movie Night, followed by Deep Pink Roses, Brownies, and White Wine. So, of course, I love Valentine's Day ('almost' ... as much as any other day) and I am Thankful I have someone to celebrate it with. *starry.eyed.look*

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

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