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Hello?...why NOT me?

We often see people facing-up-towards-the-sky to some invisible phenomenon and complain about their life, using the words - "Why Me?". I, however, have an absolutely opposite complaint or rather a personal issue of - "Why not me?" 

Let me start from the beginning... 

  • I was a chubby kid all my life
  • I was not popular in High School
  • I was never part of any school 'club' or 'fun' activity
  • I never played sports (unless it was an ultimate requirement)
  • Neither was I an academic genius! (I am kinda glad about it though!)

Thank God! I was not born in poverty. That would have, definitelynot suited my personality and lifestyle (sooooo grateful). However, let me help you catch up with my stream-of-thought for this post. I have been watching the telecast of all the Awards shows (in Hollywood and Indian Cinema) every weekend for past 4-5 weeks. I have also been catching some of the sports tournaments on television - Snow Boarding, Ice Skating, etc. (qualifying for the up-coming Winter Olympics in Vancouver). I can't help myself but wonder why is that God (a.k.a that invisible phenomenon in the sky) has deprived me of any 'talent' what-so-ever? I do not mean the mediocre-level of activities that I keep indulging in, I mean the mind-blowing-earth-shattering kinda talent! Talent like what Meryl Streep has, Beyonce has, Roger Federer has, Muhammad Ali has or even Giselle Bündchen has! I, my friend have no-such-talent to boost off! 

Giselle Bündchen

Don't get me wrong. This is not a self-pit-loathsome post. Kindly do not leave comments helping me count my qualities. I am aware of, all of them. Trust me! Modesty is not one of my virtues! And neither am I ungrateful for all that I have, I am only stating the facts and honestly wondering why not me? 

I am aware that everyone has their set of problems and issues (just like me). But I am totally ready to exchange my life for Beyoncé's or Giselle's (for example) in a blink of an eye. They are more than welcome to come and live my life while I 'struggle' in theirs. 

Beyoncé Knowles 

I guess the 'wise' point I am trying to derive out of all this - is that - I would definitely like to stay-in my own life ... unless, of course, I am given a chance to exchange it for some ultra talented life. Hopefully, glamour is involved too, since I love dressing up and clicking pictures ;)