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For Married Women, only!

My favorite Married Couple - My Parents :o)

When I was a 'newly-wed-woman' (already seems like that was centuries ago) I could never understand why were there so many jokes and innuendos focusing on marriage and husband/wife [I still don't!]? And why were 'married-people' telling these jokes? I would very easily get offended if/when someone tried to make a degrading statement or joke about 'married-life' [Not necessarily focusing on me]. I would see their attitude as 'annoying'!

However, now I have become a little more patient & [a little] wise. I do not get offended by such people or their jokes, anymore. I believe that's probably their perspective and definitely the condition of their 'married-life'. So as long as it's not directed at me or my life - I don't care! But I have to admit that sometimes the jokes are 'truly' funny and after almost 3 years I can finally manage to laugh along with them. 

Few days back I was flipping through the Glamour magazine and I found some very wise advices for married women. I enjoyed reading some of them, so thought may be other's will do too:
  • "All love that has not friendship for its base is like a mansion built upon the sand." - poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  • "Separate Bathrooms!"
  • Mother to her daughter,"Don't talk to me about the fights you have with your husband. Because then you guys solve it in the bedroom, and the next day I'm still mad."
  • "Let there be spaces in your togetherness." - poet Kahlil Gibran
  • An old lady on how she stayed married for so long,"We never both fell out of love at the same time."
  • "When you decide to commit, you've got to commit. Can't cheat. Wanna cheat? Can't cheat. Dying to cheat? Can't cheat. Can't wait to cheat? Can't cheat.  Some guys might have to go to rehab to not cheat. But you can't cheat… Know why? Because you're going to get caught. I don't care who you are, even if you're 007, you're going to get caught. And you don't want to get caught." - Chris Rock
  • [Last & my favorite] "Whenever you are wrong, admit it; whenever you are right, shut up!" - poet Ogden Nash
And now it's time for The outfit-of-the-day. Yay! 

We were enjoying the outdoors. It was a day full of rare accessibility to a pleasant weather. While randomly driving around we found a lovely landscape where we decided to stop and jump around! How fun!

I had not dressed for anything in particular. The outfit started with my wish to wear the top. I love the bow which gives it's a preppy-ish look [which I am reallyy digging lately]. And somehow my black cigarette jeans happen to go perfectly well with no matter what top I decide to wear. I must say that it is the best $5.00 I have ever spent. Yes! Can you believe it?!?! I got them from Urban Outfitters and they were at Sale for $5.00 because they had only one pair left and it happened to me mine! [Often I feel I might be unlucky in most things in life, but hallelujah! I am lucky in finding bargains ;)]

I deiced to accessorize it with a skinny-black belt to give it a more modern look and also ‘coz I love emphasizing on my narrow waist ;)

The simple-silver pendant has been my favorite for over an year. I kinda made my Mom gift it to me last year, when she came to visit. I am still lovin' it!

The shoes are not 'exactly' something to wear in a garden but in my defense we hadn't planned the day and the open-toed made a perfect match with the blue-ish outfit! 

 This picture is just-for-fun and not fashion! Me-being-Me i.e. Silly and dancing around the trees [just like how it is in the movies :)]. 

P.S. I have realized that no matter how many blogs I write, or how much I talk about healthy eating habits, people will continue to believe that starvation is the secret to being 'skinny'. Honestly, I feel the topic is beginning to get redundant and repetitive. The fact is that everyone believes what they want to and try to explain myself [again and again] is like banging my head against a wall! So I have 'officially' decided to give up! (Phew!) I am skinny & happy and that's all that matters. Right?!
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