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Consistency = Success

We haven't spoken about fitness in a very long time and today seems like a good day! I do not have any specific goals at the moment as far as my fitness in concerned. I am, simply, trying to maintain my weight and strength while keeping a balanced lifestyle.

Consistency is the key to success, here! Practice might not make it perfect, but it definitely makes it permanent ... and then gives you enough time to work on perfection! I have finally reached a stability where my body weight doesn't fluctuate with every drop of water I take in. I can go on without working out for a week and not have any irreversible damage. The simple explanation is consistency. There is no yo-yo dieting (or any dieting for that matter!), no over-workout, and no fads! There is pure simple equation, if you please -> Energy In = Energy out

I am skeptical whether I should or not ... *hmmm* ... what-the-heck, I am feeling generous so I shall share some of my personal eating-mantra with you all. (Note-to-self : Copyright them!)

  • A good diet is the one that you can follow for the rest of your life
  • A good meal is which leaves you satisfied, ... even after 30 minutes of having it
  • Fast Food = Fast & Permanent calories!
  • An 'indulgence' should never cost or weight more than your main course (just in case some people are 'really' slow, by indulgence I mean desserts)
  • Always, and I repeat, ALWAYS read the label. 

My only new agenda is to have spotless-clear-glowing skin. The studio where I workout with Veronica has a sign that reads - Exercise is poor man's plastic surgery! It always makes me smile. It's so true. My skin without a doubt feels rejuvenated and firmer after the workout. I can 'actually' feel the blood flowing within and making my skin shine. Sweat is dripping down my spine, and muscles sore with the wonderrrful pain ... It, all, makes me feel alive and positive! 

I am aware, of the fact, that I have transformed into one of those species which genuinely like working out. However, even on the days when I am feeling lazy and demotivated to hit the gym I find ways to enter it. I do it for my clothes, for my ego, for my confidence, and because I can never be fat again! Everyone has to find their own drive...!