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Come on, India! Really?

... thoughts continued from my previous post (from over a month ago) - Click here > Strive to gain pre-eminence

What is wrong with my country and it's people? Why have we not learnt from our mistakes? The only time we seem to display our secularism and solidarity is probably in the Incredible India tourism campaign. We are proud to be a multi-cultural nation but only when the discussion is about food, clothing, and festivals. But at the first sign of things not going our desired way - we scum to the shallowest level and  capitulate into the hands of dirty politics of regionalism or sexism or nationalism - absolutely anything that'll work!

Earlier I used to believe that probably the reason for India's slow progress is it's ever-growing population, poverty and lack of education. However, with time I am learning that it's the educated, selfish, and short-sighted people that are the real problem. The truth of the matter is that when we see 'others' progress and prosperity we get jealous and instead of trying to make ourselves better at our respective jobs, we try and find ways to brings 'the others' down. All the education in the world can not teach a selfish person - humanity and compassion. I am ashamed to say but that's how 'most' Indians think. 

From where I stand, I see all my colleagues, ex-classmates, friends, relatives, neighbors everyone and find one thing in common - dissatisfaction! None of us are content with what we have. We want more. We want what others have. We will fight whichever way we know - to get more than the next person or to snatch it away from him/her. But when asked to stand up for what is wrong and incorrect or outright illegal, we are extremely adaptable. We adjust to the everyday illicit and corrupt environment around us because clearly who has time to change it? Right?

A few days back, while watching all the Hollywood stars raise money for the Haiti disaster and other charities, I expressed to my husband that one day I would like to give back to my country too. When he asked what cause would I like to take upon - I was quick to reply - that it would be something that helps people to change their prespective. I would really like to try and find ways that make people learn how to be at peace with themselves ... learn to accept their surroundings rather than complain ... learn to use their logical brain rather than get influenced ... and learn to make changes from within than to point fingers at others ... Some might find my views idealistic. I believe I am being practical!

When we have nothing sensational to print, or campaign about we go back to favorite punching bag - Pakistan bashing! We are all too quick to dump all our problems on Pakistan. They might or might not be responsible for spreading terrorism but it's us who is eating our own country out of pettiness and irresponsibility. People from Pakistan are not coming and asking us to be selfish, stupid or sexist. We are quite capable of it, on our own. 

I wish that everyone would go back to doing their own jobs and mind their own business. Half the problem would get solved, automatically. Let the cricketers play cricket, movie-stars make movies and politicians do ... err ... I forget, what exactly is it that they do?