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Year (well) spent in Blogging!

All the pictures borrowed from Le Love

I have been blogging for exactly 1 year + 1 day, today ... and man has it been a journey. Thanks to this blog I have re-discovered myself. Firstly, I have discovered the writer within me, then the philosopher, followed by the positive motivator and lastly the fashion diva (ooh la la!). A year well spent, I would say! Another inconsequential thing I have learnt about myself is that I use the 'exclamation mark' wayyyyyy more than the 'full-stop'. That is probably because I like the dramatic statement it makes. (Full-stops are plain boring!)

Enough about me, now let's see what did I learn about others (i.e. people, like yourself *wink*). People do not get offended or take anything personally if you address the issue publicly rather than personally! Also, one tends to find me funny(er) when I 'write' mean things in contrast to when I 'speak' mean things (sometimes reallyyyyy mean things) **. People find it easier to give compliments via a written medium rather than verbal. To summarize, like I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs, written communication is what-the-future-looks-like right now. 

Moving on to life - It's unfair, erratic, and always takes-me-by-surprise! Keep-moving and living in the present is the 'art' I am trying to practice and hopefully perfect. When things don't make sense, I believe, that's when life is happening. It's only when, things are crashing down and falling apart, the true character of any person surfaces. I recently read this quote which struck a cord with me - "I have discovered that patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting." - Joyce Meyer

Lastly I have learnt that I really love and admire my husband. He is exceptionally supportive and understanding. My needs and wants are his number one priority. He makes me feel valued and important and special :o) What else can a girl ask, right?! I had saved some pictures I had liked over the months and I would like to dedicate them to my dear husband.

Everyone else - Here's to an amazing 2010, ahead! And like any rockstar would sign-off, "I love you allllllll!" **

P.S. Note-to-self - Keep blogging! *wink*

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