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My Body is a Wonderland!

In 2004                                                                           In 2009

Today has been filled with high doses of narcissism. (So, sue me!) I might not have a single remarkable achievement in past 4-5 years to boast about but hey! my body is looking like a work of art! and I have been going on ... and on ... and on ... about it since morning. (So, how could I not blog about it!) My husband should be warned that he shouldn't be surprised if he hears me sing "Your body is a wonderland" (by John Mayer) out-loud to myself in the washroom. *hmmm*

You know how some days are really bad days? When you hate everything about yourself and your body? You feel fat, cellulite is visible in all the wrong places, new zits are forming right in the middle of your cheek, you have no clue as to what's up with your hair flying in different directions!!! Well ... today is the exact opposite of that. I feel like a super-woman, body is looking 'haawwttt', skin is supple soft, and hair are exceptionally shiny and bouncy. It's a pity that I have no social appearances to make today else I would have totally knocked a few people off their feet. 

Now, you might wonder, how'd that happen suddenly? My response - Are you crazy? There is no chance that it would happen out-of-the-blue/one-fine-day. This is the result of persistent and consistent training. Approximately, 4 years back I had made a note of - what I believe should be my ideal measurement - and since then I have recorded every single measurement I have had. Today, after 4 years, I have managed to be just about 90% there. The best part of it all is, that I am not skinny - I am fit! I have muscle, I have strength and I have curves. And I eat everything my heart desires. Life couldn't get any better (or could it?). I hope I am able to inspire people to stay on the healthy-band-wagon and not look for short-cuts. Coz' I am sorry to inform that there none. But the good news with this long process is that once you get there it's forever. Slow and steady, indeed wins the race! 
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