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Learning from My LIFE!

Photography courtesy Petrina Tinslay

Today, I remembered something my friend Ximena (whom I fondly call 'The Sunshine Girl' due to her glowing skin and highly-contagious-free-spirit-attitude) had told me long time ago. During my college days (Yes! It was indeed a long time ago) myself and Ximena were having one of our great-philosophical-conversations on our ride back to the campus from Mc Donalds (the only junk-food-restaurant we had in the 15km radius). I mentioned to her that I am extremely anal about my Year-Planner and Scrapbooks, and if I ever lose them in life I would be devastated, as they hold all the memories I cherish. She didn't approve of my obsession and said that I should not be too attached to anything and that memories lie in our hearts and not in worldly possessions. Well, though I distinctly remember thinking to myself that she is correct, but obviously I didn't try and change my attitude (as till recently I was sentimentally attached to numerous things I possessed). Some recent events in my life have made me truly realize how unequivocally right she was! The feeling of letting go is extremely liberating!  

Another realization due to this same event was about being positive and happiness. I belong to a relatively conservative family with sparse elements of superstitions. However, I would describe myself as relatively unconventional and absolutely non-supersitious human being. I do not think there is any rule of thumb that - good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. Stuff happens and you deal with it as you go along. There is no yearly balance sheet of action versus reaction. Superstitions have a tendency to feed on you specially when you are down and low. And my aim has always been to keep myself free of them and keep a clear head no matter what situation I am in (but specially when I am down and low). I am quite certain that tragedy and disasters do not seek out for any one particular 'type' of people. There are equal chances of them happening to as many grumpy and pessimistic people as it is to happy and positive people. So, while I am open to learning lessons from life (and hence I will be more cautious and pragmatic here on ...) but I refuse to change my ability to seek positivity from whatever is offered to me! 

However, the most important lesson learnt in the first week of 2010 is that less things you have holding you back (and down) the farther you will be able to venture out! Try and let go any one thing/feeling/possession, you think you can not do without. The feeling of liberation will empower you beyond belief! (My guarantee) 

"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts." - Marcus Aurelius
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