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Fashion ... on my mind ...

While I love my chocolates as much as the next girl, the only thing stopping me from gobbling them down are my clothes. I love my clothes. It would break my heart if I could not fit into them and had to give them away to some other skinny bitch! I have collected them over the years and each piece is an extension of my personality. So while, health and tiny waist, are one of 'my motivators' dragging me to the gym, clothes are by far the greatest reason today for me to stay in shape (no matter what!). 

So since I love my clothes so much (regardless of what others might think of my fashion sense) I am thoroughly enjoying wearing them and celebrating them on my blog! Although, in my previous fashion blogs I have received a few 'yawns' but it's not stopping me from continuing with my fashion journal. From what I understand blogs are a venue to express yourself and not what others want you to express!? Am I right? So 'yawn away' my critics, you ain't stopping me (rebel within me is wide awake, today, it seems) 

New Year's Eve

We were having a few friends over for dinner. Didn't want to be too dressy yet wanted to feel excited about the new year and be comfortable. So thought a skirt and an old blouse would be ideal for a warm winter in-house evening :o)

Blouse - Zara (Dubai, U.A.E.)
Skirt - BCBG Maxazria (San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Stockings - Don't Remember
Booties - Nine West (San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Bangle - Local Shop (San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Necklae - Gift (from Mom)

New Year's Day Lunch

Our friends Hongmi and Eric had invited us over for Lunch and a game of pool. I was making most of the cool winter afternoon. Hence, the layers! The boys played pool while I played muse to Hongmi and her amazing camera :o)

Jacket - Local Store (London, U.K.)
Turtleneck - Zara (London, U.K.)
Tube Top - TJ Maxx (San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Leggings - TJ Maxx (San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Boots - TJ Maxx (New Jersey, U.S.A.)
Necklace - Francesca's (San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Bangles - Gift (from my friend Namrata)
Sunglasses - Dior (Tehran, Iran)

Chilly Afternoon in Chicago

I have learnt from my mistakes. When traveling chose comfort over trendy, else all your pictures will showing you in desperate pain instead of smiles! Thank God, I had myself well-covered and was wearing sports shoes, to face "The Chicago Winters". It's no joke, guys ... they are seriously brutal. Definitely, not for the weak hearted! ;)

Jacket - Miss Sixty (San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Turtleneck - Gap (San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Sweater - Gap (San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Scarf - Ralph Lauren (Chicago, U.S.A.)
Jeans - Miss Sixty (London, U.K.)
Gloves - Stolen from Mom ;)
Shoes - New Balance (San Antonio, U.S.A.)
Bag - Dior (San Antonio, U.S.A.)

My Body is a Wonderland!

In 2004                                                                           In 2009

Today has been filled with high doses of narcissism. (So, sue me!) I might not have a single remarkable achievement in past 4-5 years to boast about but hey! my body is looking like a work of art! and I have been going on ... and on ... and on ... about it since morning. (So, how could I not blog about it!) My husband should be warned that he shouldn't be surprised if he hears me sing "Your body is a wonderland" (by John Mayer) out-loud to myself in the washroom. *hmmm*

You know how some days are really bad days? When you hate everything about yourself and your body? You feel fat, cellulite is visible in all the wrong places, new zits are forming right in the middle of your cheek, you have no clue as to what's up with your hair flying in different directions!!! Well ... today is the exact opposite of that. I feel like a super-woman, body is looking 'haawwttt', skin is supple soft, and hair are exceptionally shiny and bouncy. It's a pity that I have no social appearances to make today else I would have totally knocked a few people off their feet. 

Now, you might wonder, how'd that happen suddenly? My response - Are you crazy? There is no chance that it would happen out-of-the-blue/one-fine-day. This is the result of persistent and consistent training. Approximately, 4 years back I had made a note of - what I believe should be my ideal measurement - and since then I have recorded every single measurement I have had. Today, after 4 years, I have managed to be just about 90% there. The best part of it all is, that I am not skinny - I am fit! I have muscle, I have strength and I have curves. And I eat everything my heart desires. Life couldn't get any better (or could it?). I hope I am able to inspire people to stay on the healthy-band-wagon and not look for short-cuts. Coz' I am sorry to inform that there none. But the good news with this long process is that once you get there it's forever. Slow and steady, indeed wins the race! 

Fitness, Anyone?

Alright people ... let's take a break from the 'heavy-duty-emotional-atyachar' (translation: torture) in my previous few posts and return to my popular topic - Fitness! 

Just today morning, I was telling my Pilates instructor, Dawn, about how I am the poster girl for fitness, in my friends and family's life at least. And I would like to inform you all that I take my role very seriously. So, how many of my avid blog readers are still on the healthy band wagon with me? and how many have fallen off? *heavy.breadth.out.with.wicked.eye.roll* People who never joined in .... errrmmm why are you here, by the way?

Anywhooo, I am still working out (Like duhh!), sweating myself away and I must warn you guys that today is definitely not the day when I am indulging in self-loathing. I was admiring my ba-tooty the whole time in the mirror while I was doing all the cat-woman-like-poses in Pilates and man! it looks good ... my gluteus maximus, that is *wink*. 

I might have put on a couple of pounds during the holidays but I am thinking may be it's the weight of my hair (they have grown long, you see) PJ! In spite, of the fact that I do not have the luxury of all the time at my disposal any more, I am still managing to keep a decent body! (Yes! blog-readers I have finally managed to occupy myself with things-to-do besides household chores and working-out) So, I don't see why you cannot do it, if I can!?

From my previous blog we have established that"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts." - Marcus Aurelius. Healthy body contributes towards healthy mind which then help form happy thoughts. Therefore, to summarize for the logically-challenged people -> Healthy Body = Happiness! Now, chop-chop ... get moving and losing (pounds)!

Learning from My LIFE!

Photography courtesy Petrina Tinslay

Today, I remembered something my friend Ximena (whom I fondly call 'The Sunshine Girl' due to her glowing skin and highly-contagious-free-spirit-attitude) had told me long time ago. During my college days (Yes! It was indeed a long time ago) myself and Ximena were having one of our great-philosophical-conversations on our ride back to the campus from Mc Donalds (the only junk-food-restaurant we had in the 15km radius). I mentioned to her that I am extremely anal about my Year-Planner and Scrapbooks, and if I ever lose them in life I would be devastated, as they hold all the memories I cherish. She didn't approve of my obsession and said that I should not be too attached to anything and that memories lie in our hearts and not in worldly possessions. Well, though I distinctly remember thinking to myself that she is correct, but obviously I didn't try and change my attitude (as till recently I was sentimentally attached to numerous things I possessed). Some recent events in my life have made me truly realize how unequivocally right she was! The feeling of letting go is extremely liberating!  

Another realization due to this same event was about being positive and happiness. I belong to a relatively conservative family with sparse elements of superstitions. However, I would describe myself as relatively unconventional and absolutely non-supersitious human being. I do not think there is any rule of thumb that - good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. Stuff happens and you deal with it as you go along. There is no yearly balance sheet of action versus reaction. Superstitions have a tendency to feed on you specially when you are down and low. And my aim has always been to keep myself free of them and keep a clear head no matter what situation I am in (but specially when I am down and low). I am quite certain that tragedy and disasters do not seek out for any one particular 'type' of people. There are equal chances of them happening to as many grumpy and pessimistic people as it is to happy and positive people. So, while I am open to learning lessons from life (and hence I will be more cautious and pragmatic here on ...) but I refuse to change my ability to seek positivity from whatever is offered to me! 

However, the most important lesson learnt in the first week of 2010 is that less things you have holding you back (and down) the farther you will be able to venture out! Try and let go any one thing/feeling/possession, you think you can not do without. The feeling of liberation will empower you beyond belief! (My guarantee) 

"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts." - Marcus Aurelius

... In a larger scheme of life!

"Everyone tries to define this thing called Character. It's not hard. Character is doing what's right when nobody's looking."- J.C. Watts

We all, at one point or the other, believe that our actions do not matter in a larger scheme of life. We are nothing but just another living being among billions, right? Some people might use this excuse because they are lazy to move their asses while others might use it because they do not want to take responsibility for their actions. (Some people are just oblivious of their actions and hence the people I call - Stupid!) I believe that our each and every action (and even word) matters! However, consequently what happens to us (good or bad) probably doesn't hold any great meaning in larger scheme of life! 

If each one of our existence (and actions) didn't matter then no one would ever try to do their job. More importantly do their job correctly and efficiently! If everyone believed their action didn't matter then I think we would never get anything done. Besides literally 'doing our job' and being responsible for we 'do', I think there is also a deeper and moral meaning to it all. Everyone sets examples. Someone is always looking up to (or at) you. Your actions (behavior) are nothing but your thoughts in motion (wow! that sounds like personal-quotation-material). All the people who ever achieved anything started alone ... and then their tribe grew! Whether it was Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, or even Mother Teresa. Each one of us can make a difference. The counting always begins with 1 ... 

That being said, the consequences of our actions should not be taken too seriously (if the intention was pure, in the first place). After all, consequences are not 'really' in our control. When I say that, what happens to us is not important, I only mean to emphasize on the dire fact we all come with an expiry date. We, live or die ... are happy or sad ... face achievement or disappointment ... world moves on regardless! What will matter is only 'how' we lived and 'what' we changed, absolutely nothing else! We (starting with myself) should stop taking ourselves too seriously but start taking our responsibilities a bit seriously, ... what do you think?

"We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once." - Calvin Coolidge

Year (well) spent in Blogging!

All the pictures borrowed from Le Love

I have been blogging for exactly 1 year + 1 day, today ... and man has it been a journey. Thanks to this blog I have re-discovered myself. Firstly, I have discovered the writer within me, then the philosopher, followed by the positive motivator and lastly the fashion diva (ooh la la!). A year well spent, I would say! Another inconsequential thing I have learnt about myself is that I use the 'exclamation mark' wayyyyyy more than the 'full-stop'. That is probably because I like the dramatic statement it makes. (Full-stops are plain boring!)

Enough about me, now let's see what did I learn about others (i.e. people, like yourself *wink*). People do not get offended or take anything personally if you address the issue publicly rather than personally! Also, one tends to find me funny(er) when I 'write' mean things in contrast to when I 'speak' mean things (sometimes reallyyyyy mean things) *wicked.smile*. People find it easier to give compliments via a written medium rather than verbal. To summarize, like I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs, written communication is what-the-future-looks-like right now. 

Moving on to life - It's unfair, erratic, and always takes-me-by-surprise! Keep-moving and living in the present is the 'art' I am trying to practice and hopefully perfect. When things don't make sense, I believe, that's when life is happening. It's only when, things are crashing down and falling apart, the true character of any person surfaces. I recently read this quote which struck a cord with me - "I have discovered that patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting." - Joyce Meyer

Lastly I have learnt that I really love and admire my husband. He is exceptionally supportive and understanding. My needs and wants are his number one priority. He makes me feel valued and important and special :o) What else can a girl ask, right?! I had saved some pictures I had liked over the months and I would like to dedicate them to my dear husband.

Everyone else - Here's to an amazing 2010, ahead! And like any rockstar would sign-off, "I love you allllllll!" *big.smile*

P.S. Note-to-self - Keep blogging! *wink*


2010 - Here I come!

I am in love with 2010, already! I simply love it ... I think it's got some pizzazz in the way it rolls on my tongue - 20/10. I love new beginnings, new years, new everything ... because it means I can go ahead and buy new stationary and start planning 'something-new' again. Personal organizers are my favorite buy of the whole year because even after many, many years they let me visit my past by simply turning pages and seeing how much I had travelled, achieved and enjoyed (or not!) in the 'days gone by' ...

We have established that I do not have any new year resolutions for this year but I have managed to think of a list of things (that I can note in my organizer and start using it!) that I would like to accomplish in next 12 months (hopefully!)
  1. I want to be more organized (right down to becoming a penny-pincher, if that's what it takes). I want to plan and be prepared for every minute thing in my life, because as they say if you can conceive it ... you can achieve it!
  2. I want to find my soul-satisfying job. I am sure it exists. I am certain it's out there. I have promised myself to get out of my comfort shell and explore and discover all the possibilities and opportunities life has to offer me. My mantra is 'You don't have reasons, you have excuses - Go find the solution!' [God! Give me courage to follow through with these 'strong' claims that I am making!]
  3. I want to continue on my path towards ultimate-fitness. I am healthy and I want to stay healthy. It is almost 6 years and I have not once deterred from my path of nirvana. It rejuvenates me and has become an extension of my personality now.
  4. I want to be a better person. I am drawn towards people who are polite, pleasant and charming. I wish to acquire all these qualities . I want to be sensitive towards others and their feelings. I want to observe people and judge myself ... not them.
  5. I want to travel. I can compromise on everything but not on my passion numero uno! I want to travel to new places, meet new people, click lot of pictures and shop from local shops. It might sound the most trivial wish on my list but that's who I am - full of contradictions! (Take it or leave it!)
... and just like that ... she came, she saw, ... she conquered!
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