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Day 15 - Life is ... in the Journey


My family believes I am doing social service by writing this Blog. They say, this is a way of giving back to society (Works for me!). It does make me feel productive but also makes me realize (over and over again) that I lack patience (which apparently you need for EVERYTHING in life). Let me explain ...

I get a lot of weight/health/fitness related questions from friends and strangers too (Imagine!). Of course, I know why! Even at a hundred mile distance one would be able to see that I am a fitness enthusiast. My blogging and non-stop blabbing doesn't help either. But my issue with people asking me these questions is that they don't really want to hear what I am saying but instead give them some magic-advice. (Look at me lecturing now :P, I was in their shoes just 5 years back) What I have learnt and I keep repeating is that there are NO Short-Cuts! You have to take baby-steps. It took you years and years of hard-work (eating and being lazy) to put that weight on, so now it's going to take same amount of time (if not more) to get that weight off too. And don't forget once you lose it, you have to keep-it-off as well (which is, in fact harder).


Mr. & Mrs. Fabulous in action :

  • We have no chips, chocolates, cookies, soda, or any unhealthy food items in our house. When are do get hungry in-between our meals, we choose - Fat free Cheese (cubes/strings), Fruits, Dark Chocolate (1 tbsp), Protein bar (shared), Milk and/or Yogurt.
  • We both have invested in 2 new (and kewl!) water bottles which we keep next to us (always FULL) and keep sipping on water. We easily meet our quota of 2 liters per day.
  • We try and have 5 small & filling meals in a day. We eat on a schedule so that our body is aware that it will be fed regularly and hence we avoid binge-eating.
  • If we are tempted to eat something unhealthy, we talk each other out of it and try to find the most tasty and healthy option possible.
  • We keep ourselves occupied with movies, activities, shopping, errands, etc. just so that our life doesn't rotate around food.
  • We make an effort to eat protein-rich foods, as they help create a long-lasting feeling of fullness and satisfaction.
  • Last but not the least, I [Using I instead of We here because food & cooking is my department :o)] emphasize on high-volume, low-calorie food, such as soups and salads, also all green vegetables and any food with high water content.
Now, I know half the people will read my tips and then forget about it. That's okay but Don''t ask me again! :o)

Verdict - Lost 2.6 pounds, 5.4 pounds more to go ...

Week 3 | Day 15 | 31st August 2009

Day 14 - For the love of Shoes!

Photography courtesy John Paul Urizar


Earlier this week, straight after my workout, I went to Central Market (similar concept of Whole Foods) to buy some Dark Chocolate chips (for my daily dessert cravings). At the checkout counter the salesperson asked," Making desserts tonight?". First, I didn't grasp what she was asking but then realized it was due to the chocolate chips I had bought in bulk. I replied," No, I am watching my weight". Immediately after saying that I felt a little uncomfortable. You see, the salesgirl was a little overweight (I don't know why the word fat always seem inappropriate) and I being relatively thinner and saying," I am watching my weight" sounded a little harsh and something a skinny bitch would say! I had nothing else to say to redeem myself, so I gave my best-genuine-smile and left. I wonder why I felt so self-conscious ... Hmmmm!


It's always had to resist the temptations over the weekend as there is ample free time and somehow everything goes with food! Although, I think we did relatively well. This week's healthy treat was Idli-Sambhar, one of my favorite dishes from South Indian Cuisine. I made Sambhar with Moong dal instead of the Toor dal, as it has more health benefits and is supposed to be a high in protein & fiber and low in fat.


I love shoes! especially high heels (they are great for building calf-muscles). Even though, I do not get many chances to wear them in my current lifestyle, it never stops me from buying them though! I have even lost count of the number of shoes I own, but I am not complaining. My this month's splurge! They look absolutely delicious and fabulous. I can't wait to wear them. *drooooool*

Week 2 | Day 14 | 30th August 2009

Day 13 - It's all in the Family


It is the weekend again, but I am not scared anymore that we will fall-off our fitness bandwagon. We are quite in the zone now. I hope these are steps towards lifestyle change and not just a passing phase. Although, instead of Sunday, we assigned "Saturday" to be our resting day this week. And on Monday I shall hop on the weighing-scale and share the verdict with you all *super.nervous*. I am hoping to feel like this model flying in the air with her super-toned body.

Family Anecdote

The only person in my family who has equal (if not more) interest in fitness as me, is my Uncle (Tauji whom I call with love and respect). He is my father's elder brother. He is in his mid-50's but doesn't look a day older than 40. His secret is Yoga and super healthy eating habits. As my Grandmother tells me, he had, since childhood been conscious of his health and fitness, even when there was no awareness or information available. He is a Yogi (Yoga-expert). He can do all those fancy poses and aasans (postures) with total ease.

Now, living independently for almost 10 years, I am quite used to doing everything on my own, whether it's picking up heavy luggage, or furniture, etc. basically activities which are mostly considered a 'man's job'. As it happens, this summer, one day he had come over to meet me. I was holding the center table, to move it and make space for everyone to sit in my Grandmother's room (that's where we all sit as she is paralyzed and can't move). Later, when it was time to eat, we needed the table back in the center. So my Uncle got up to pick the table and put it back. That's when he realized that the table was actually heavy! You see, since he saw me picking it up with total ease, he sub-consciously thought that it would be really light. It was about 50-60 pounds in weight. He was mighty impressed with my strength. I am a super-woman in his eyes now. Though, he still gets a little sheepish on remembering the incident, this narration has been on his request and persuasion.

Movies & Philosophy

In every Human Resources class (in High School and Undergrad) I have taken, there was a lecture on Leadership without a doubt. Topic of debate - Are leaders Born or Made? I have always believed leaders a born. You can train one to lead but that does not make them a leader. Leaders are natural and command attention without asking. They inherently have the power to take charge and take action; people simply follow! Just yesterday when I was watching Gladiator (the movie), it struck me again that Maximus (Russell Crowe) was a natural leader. Even when he had become a slave and had to fight the Barbarians in Rome, he took charge without anyone asking him to do so (of course!) and asked all the other Gladiators to fight as ONE! and they followed his orders without any questions. Because he was a natural leader and hence commanded obedience. I can go on and on but I will be debating with myself so I shall stop ... I just wanted to make a point! :o)

Week 2 | Day 13 | 29th August 2009

Day 12 - Coco Chanel or Coco Puffs?


I have decided that once my project 8 X 8 becomes 4 X 8, i.e. I have lost 4 out of 8 pounds that I am supposed to, I am going to award myself (read: make my husband award me) a motivational prize. That is - this cute-little-workout shorts from Roxy! I have been eyeing them (by going to everyday) for last 14 days (2 weeks don't have same the effect as 14 days :P), but thought they were a tad-bit expensive ($48) for a mere shorts, which I am going to use to sweat-in! But, hey! you can't put a prize on motivation now, right? ** P.S. Nobody (and I mean nobody) should wear them with flabby legs. That will really be a crime! Yes, really!


A couple of days ago we had gone to a GNC store (General Nutrition Center). Me and Mr. were having this urge to splurge so we thought why not just go to a health store than to go and shop more clothes (Don't roll your eyes. Yes! we are almost the purrfect-existing-couple now). So at GNC, while I strolled to find a magic potion to melt-away my fat, husband spoke to this salesperson/fitness expert (with biceps and everything) about our daily food & fitness routine. Mr. Expert said that we are doing immaculately well in terms of nutrition, calories and workout and there is nothing more that he can advice us. Woohoo! Finally our lifestyle has been accredited by someone whom we believe knows better than us!


I experimented with this delicious and juicy salad I had read about somewhere. It has watermelon, feta cheese and a fresh home-made dressing. Firstly, I cut the melon and cheese in thin triangular slices and placed them on top of each other, consecutively. Then prepared the dressing with olive oil, white-wine vinegar, lemon juice, finely chopped shallots, serrano chillies, and salt. Let it chill until time to serve. It tastes divine and is really filling too. Promise!

Movies & Fashion

Today afternoon, while making the delicious salad and nibbling on watermelon, I also saw a biopic on Coco Chanel (multi-tasking, you see!). What a woman she was, and a strong one at that! My God, she was a real visionary in her field. Even people who are not 'fashion conscious' can appreciate her business-sense and her tough-resilient spirit. She was an illegitimate daughter of a nomadic peddler, raised in an orphanage, who became a legend and a multimillionaire (of course!). Her story is almost like a fairly tale of rising from the French gutter to French Couture. Girl-Power!

Week 2 | Day 12 | 28th August 2009

Day 11 - "The hair is the richest ornament of women."

Photography courtesy Justin Cooper


I am a hair-nerd! I love trying new products, specially shampoos & conditioners which are in fancy bottles. Recently, I tried this new shampoo by John Frieda, after reading rave-reviews about it in the magazines. It is actually good. It smells like I-have-died-and-gone-to-heaven and my hair honestly feels so smooth and shiny! I have naturally straight but fine hair, which get a little fizzy (but only in humidity). It looks like I am doing a product-plug on my blog, but I really just wanted to share this with my friends. I know quite a lot who love shampoos & conditioners (like me).


Today, after my Powerflex class, a lady (I am guessing in her late 50's) came up to me and said," You have the cuuutest figure." Imagine the grin on my face :o). Then she said," You are blessed!" which almost prompted me to give her my food & fitness run-down step-by-step (Of course, I didn't. I am not craaaazzzy). I just said, " I work for it." Then she called-out to rest of her friends in the class and declared, "Doesn't she have the cuuuutest figure?" to which everyone agreed (of course!) and then bombarded me with bizillion questions. I should have just directed them all my blog, right? But I have this uncontrollable urge to please people! *guilty.face*


Today hubby was craving a burger so I quickly fixed a home-made healthier version of burger. Toasted whole-grain bun with (fat-free) cottage cheese spread along with lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber, and grilled chicken breast. On the side there was Cous-Cous with boiled chickpeas and colored-peppers garnished with chillies and lime juice. Sounds Yumm, no?

This & That

I was reading today in Allure magazine that some researcher have found that the way people smile in photos in early life can reveal whether their later relationships are likely to last. People highly expressive of positive emotion may be more open to relationships. Hmmm ... Interesting! Let me check my hideous high-school pictures :P

Week 2 | Day 11 | 27th August 2009

Day 10 - Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world's perfect food - Michael Levine

Photograph courtesy


I have been receiving a lot of feedback about my blog. Of course, mostly it's supportive and positive (Thank you, all). But every now and then, people tell me 'stuff' (with a smile, not sarcasm) which lets me know that they really don't get why my health (weight-loss in their eyes) is such a big-deal, after all. Some think it is vanity, some think it's a house-wife's fad who has time on her hand, some think I just like to exercise or some just think I am obsessive. I think exercise is like air & water to me and I love how my body feels after I let it sweat-out!

Nevertheless I am glad about all the feedback, as for the longest time I thought only 5 people were reading my daily saga (Husband, Mom, Cousin, BFF, & Viintii ... :P)!


It's going great. Although, today we (Mr. & Mrs) had to draaaaag ourselves to the gym but once we enter, we are ready for the whole-nine-yards!

It's my dream to have 6-pack-abs and do not buy the bulls--t about genes and all. One just has to work hard and eat right to get there. It's hard, no doubt, but not impossible (all these desi-stars do it). One thing I have picked up from Veronica (my trainer, catch-up people!) is 8 Minutes Ab Routine. I find the 3 sets of 15 repetitions quite monotonous, honestly. So what she makes me do it 1 minute of 8 different abs exercises. It sounds easy? It isn't! 1 minute = 60 seconds = 30 repetitions approximately and there is no break in between the 8 exercises (but at least it keeps me entertained and guessing!). Oh! Sweet abs ... where art thou?


If someone had met me about 20 years ago, they would find this really spoilt-brat who ate no vegetable (except potato, ladyfinger [okra], and street food) and no fruits (except banana, mango, lychee and grapes). Today, however, you just have to tell me, "It's good for health" and I will almost eat anything, except meat, eggs, and some slimy vegetables (hey! I said almost) like parwal or snake gourd (Yikes), tinda or apple gourd (Double Yikkess).


My search for a healthy (satisfying) dessert is still on. And I don't mean one of those fat-free, sugar-free, non sense. Do your research and you will find they are just promotional gimmicks or low-calorie but not 'healthy'! Right now I have settled for a table-spoon of Dark Chocolate Chips. Never in my life I thought I will leave my dear milk chocolate but now I have no other option *sad.face*. Apparently dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants (8 times the number found in strawberries) and has many ... many more health benefits. (Click here and read on for more benefits.)

All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!
Lucy Van Pelt (in Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz)

Week 2 | Day 10 | 26th August 2009

Day 9 - Discovering Africa

Week 2 | Day 9 | 25th August 2009


Today was Boxing Day! No ... No ... I don't mean the British Holiday ... Just simple good-old-boxing. Works wonders for my arms and anger management *wink*. No, seriously it's a great stress buster. It can help burn oodles of weight and result in toned arms, legs and stomach. I wish I looked half as good as this pretty lady in the picture, though.


Today we had sprouted Kala Channa (Black Chickpeas) with Spring Onions, Cherry Tomato, Boiled Corn/Beans, Edamame and Peanuts sprinkled with chaat masala along with our usual salad (with chicken breast-strips for hubby). I shouldn't even have to mention the Spicy-Yogurt drink any more; we have it daily.

Movie & Philosophy

Yesterday I saw another one of Meryl Streep's movies - Out of Africa (1985). I simply adore her. She is so good at her craft. It's unbelievable. She plays the role of a Danish Baroness who moves to Africa, gets married and starts a coffee plantation. All the movies that I have seen or the books I have read about that country makes me wonder if that place is really that mystic and exotic. They have unique traditions and rituals. They have gone through poverty and slavery. It's still one place on earth which hasn't quite-gotten-up-on-it's-own-feet-yet. It has so much pain and so much beauty. Having never been there, I reluctantly assume it's a paradise full of contradictions!

by Emily Dibb
When you’ve acquired a taste for dust,
The scent of our first rain,
You’re hooked for life on Africa
And you’ll not be right again
Till you can watch the setting moon
And hear the jackals bark
And know that they’re around you,
Waiting in the dark.
When you long to see the Elephants,
Or to hear the coucal’s song,
When the moonrise sets your blood on fire,
You’ve been away too long.
It’s time to cut the traces loose
And let you’re heart go free
Beyond that far horizon,
Where your spirit yearns to be

Day 8 - Who survived the Weekend?

Ever since I saw Dil To Pagal Hai in 1997, I wanted to wear those savvy sports-wear Karisma was wearing. (Naturally, I couldn't else I would have looked like a Hippopotamus trying to fit into Snake's skin.) Today wearing those clothes is actually a motivation to get-up and go-to-the-gym for me. But you wouldn't believe what I saw today!!! I saw a middle-age man wearing a shortest shorts possible on this earth with a body-fit tank-top. It was a completely heinous sight. First, he was stretching in the same room where I was skipping and then he went to the step class (where he was jumping around). I have no idea what-on-earth was that man thinking. Really!!!


Yoga is really changing my life. I am not exaggerating. Everyday I am able to push my body a-little-bit more and when I come back home I get to show-it-off to my husband (since everyone in the class is already a pro, they are obviously not impressed with my baby-steps). Also, I broke my own record of skipping for 15-mins and reached 25-mins today. To distract myself from the clock I play games like I will keep skipping till jump a straight 100 or till I don't start sweating, etc. Works for me. Try it.


We had a good Mediterranean meal - Cous Cous with multi-colored peppers, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, chillies and turkey (for hubby) with Hummus over a warm whole-wheat Pita and Green Salad along with the Spicy-Mint Yogurt Drink.


My gracious audience will be glad to know that WE DID survive the weekend quite successfully. We were disciplined about our food and workout. We saw four movies (2 in the theatre) and did a little bit of necessity-related shopping. Over-all perfect weekend!

Week 2 | Day 8 | 24th August 2009

Day 7 - I am moving to Japan


Well, not really I am NOT moving to Japan but I would want live like the women there. They do not have any wrinkles, did you know that? For that matter, most asian women do not have wrinkles. In fact, they have porcelain skin. I was recently reading this article in More Magazine about how Japanese women have "soft, supple skin" which they call mochi-hada or skin that resembles mochi, a moist-rice cake. Their secret?

Soy Milk, Tofu and Green Tea
That's it! I am buying a kettle tomorrow

Also, not to forget most of them do not smoke and for desserts they have a slice of orange. No wonder their faces look like a painting. (Learn from them, people. Learn!!!)


Today was Sunday & Sunday is a Holiday (everyone knows that!). Come on even crazy-gym-o-holic like me needs a 'rest' day. I did work-out religiously for 6 days though.


We had a repeat of Channa Dal Soup with different steamed vegetable and Bhel-Puri with a twist. Twist being a lot of fine chopped cucumber, tomatoes, green pepper, one boiled potatoe with chillies. It was our weekly 'healthy' treat. For dinner we have whole wheat noodles with more vegetables and our Spicy-Yogurt drink. (Had to fight a lot of cravings of chocolate and sweets *sad.face*)


Did anyone catch the Pilot episode of Tere Mere Beach Mein, the new Indian Talk Show hosted by Farah Khan? Well, I did and I thought she could do a better job. I think she needs to work on her diction. She mumbles a lot of words in her mouth. On the other hand, I loved Salman Khan (First Guest). I will confess I am biased and smitten by him since the age of 7! (So what? It's no crime!)

Week 1 | Day 7 | 23rd August 2009

Day 6 - One life, live it Fabulously!

Photograph courtesy Marie Claire


My BFF sent me this article (Click here, to read) about materialism and how a simple shopping spree brings an "impulsive rush of happiness" . The article got me thinking if I am a victim of consumerism (or not). Although I cannot clearly reach the conclusion, what I do know is that I am not addicted to a single thing in life and my monthly expenditure doesn't exceed my means. But if moral of the article was that - "enjoying the luxuries of life" is being a victim ... then I probably am! Nevertheless, it's debatable and I love good debates :o)


I am so proud of myself and Mr. Fabulous as we woke up on our Saturday morning, had our super-healthy protein shake and head straight to the gym. We kicked-some-ass and then some ... ! My husband even said and I quote, " You look quite smart while working-out." Now ain't that sweet and motivating? We both had "legs" on our workout schedule, so we did that together and had quite an awesome time!


I am sure people in America would know about Whole Foods but for the benefit of my other worldwide readers let me mention it's a health store (which, by the way, was founded in Austin, Texas) where you can find groceries and all kinds of health-foods. We had our Saturday Lunch there. While, Mr. Fabulous had some Grilled Salmon and Salad, I enjoyed my daily dose of Tofu and Salad. For dinner I had to fix a quick whole-wheat tortilla with lettuce, tomatoe, cucumber, etc. due to the lack to time, as we had gone for a movie - Inglourious Basterds (My Verdict? Err...Umm... Watch it but do not expect too much).

People living in U.S enjoy the Tax-Free weekend and contribute to the economy.

Week 1 | Day 6 | 22nd August 2009

Day 5 - Breathe-In ... Breathe-Out

Mental State

Oh God! It's only the 5th day and I haven't lost even an ounce. I am getting impatient! || Breathe-In ... Breathe-Out | Breathe-In ... Breathe-Out || I blame-it-all on every single person back home who forced me to eat and doesn't appreciate my efforts to stay fit (the way I want to). || Breathe-In ... Breathe-Out | Breathe-In ... Breathe-Out || I promise myself I will not let this happen to me next time I am home. Never again. I wish I were a celebrity who could travel with her personal trainer everywhere she went and never had a problem of staying on track! *sob*sob*


Every once in a while I like to jazz-up my workout and break the daily routine of cardio & weights! I often attend group classes at my gym. Today it was the Step-Class. I have always struggled with Step-Classes, since the time I can remember. It requires you to be fast, swift, and have a knack-to jump around the step-board in complete co-ordination. The class usually starts with various single-step exercises which are eventually combined together to form a routine. That's the most difficult part for me. I only get the hang-of-the-routine when it's almost time to go! Nevertheless, it keeps my heart rate high, makes me sweat and focuses on my favorite body part - legs and abs. Funnily though, legs are my favorite part that I like to work on but my arms are better defined! Weird, eh?


For breakfast we have been having a Protein Shake daily (with fat-free milk). However, from today I have started adding fruits (banana/strawberry) and flaxseed to it which makes it extremely rich and filling. If anyone is not aware of the benefits of flaxseed, please click here. Basically is a great source of antioxidant, soluble fiber, and Omega-3 fatty acid. I have only, just started using it so shall let you know my personal review soon.

Today for dinner we served brown rice with steamed vegetable and roasted chicken breast with Spicy-Mint Yogurt drink which is our daily delicacy that we cannot do without.

Now let's just hope we survive the weekend - Ultimate Test!

Week 1 | Day 5 | 21st August 2009

Day 4 - Snooozze to Loose

Week 1 | Day 4 | 20th August 2009


Yesterday, Mr Fabulous had a suggestion for all the carnivorous people who like to eat eggs but find it quite-appalling in taste without the yolk ( Yolk contains all of egg's fat and cholesterol). He has been adding tuna or cottage cheese to his egg while removing the yolk (from the boiled egg). He claims it tastes divine and is healthier as well. So give it a try and let me know how it went!


My favorite cardio exercise currently is jumping rope (skipping, like we call it in India). I remember, how me and Sakshi (my childhood friend) were nagged every evening by our respective mothers to skip-hop-&-run and enjoy our childhood fully (which right-fully-so as our mothers had said, we would miss it when we are grown-ups). Well, without reminiscing about my childhood (my favorite topic) we will stay on the topic of jumping, which I can do non-stop for several minutes (I try 15-mins daily) and it just feels soooo good. In my experience running is better than walking and jumping is better than running. (So Jumping Wins! Ha!) Well, of course the intensity at which you do any exercise also matters. Jumping rope is excellent to tone your lower body (especially the calves and hamstrings) as well as the muscles of your upper body (especially the deltoids). It helps you burn a lot of calories and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to shed the belly-fat.


I have always been a morning person for as long as I can remember. It's a habit instilled in me via my Super-Mom! It's amazing how the first few hours of the morning are the most productive time of the day for me. After noon I feel the day is almost over and I have no time to complete my work any more! Of course that also means that we (Me & Mr. Fabulous) hit-the-bed early. 7-hours of sleep are a must for us everyday so usually by 9:30 - 10:00 pm we are in bed ready to visit la-la land. Also, to my benefit it is, after all, 7 hours of sleep that one requires to block the fat-storage hormones and allow full release of fat burning hormones.
" Sleep! Two hormones, leptin and ghrelin, regulate our appetite, and both are directly affected by how much sleep we get. These hormones work in a kind of "checks and balances" system to control feelings of hunger and fullness. Getting seven - eight hours of shut-eye each night helps the hormones work properly, which in turn will help curb your appetite."
- Jillian Michaels from Biggest Loser


Day 3 - Modern Love and it's Emotional Baggage

Photography by Jasper Johal


So as it turns out I was not really addicted to Starbucks but to the venue. It is my 'reading-zone' if-you-may-call-it-that. I just happened to also enjoy my daily-dose-of-poison with my daily-dose-of-fiction. So all I have to do is find another venue! Right? Phew!

Reading brings me to ... all the books I have been ferociously downloading in to my brain. Most of them have been pure-chick-lits but somehow all the characters are of those women who are suffering from so much emotional-baggage. which is heavy enough to sink a ship! I would suggest all of them to do yoga, you know. I am sure all their problems will seem miniscule eventually. I do realise they are fictional characters made-up by someone's imagination (but I'm just saying!).


Ah! Yoga - bringing me closer to Nirvana. I remember in teenage reading about yoga and finding it 'boring' even without having tried it. Today, of course, I have a different opinion of it. The instructor is the most important in any group class, I believe. They always start the class with instructing us to practice Yoga without competition and expectation. The words in itself take half the pressure and stress away. In every class I am, now, able to do a new posture which I could not even think about when I started a year ago. The tiny steps towards physical flexibility are extremely gratifying which also make me more flexible towards other non-physical issues of life! (Profound, eh?). Word of advice: Everyone - Try Yoga and the divine in me shall honor the divine in you. Well, that's all from the 'wisdom-channel' today ... heheh :o).


I and Mr. Fabulous are doing quite-impressively-good with our daily food habits. In last 3 days we have not slipped even once and have had extremely healthy and satisfying meals. We mostly (on weekdays) have our two meals together - Breakfast and Dinner. For Lunch, we are individually responsible for our Nutrition. Today's dinner entree was Green Leafy Salad with Avocado and Chicken breast-strips and the main dish was Gourd Soup (Ghiya) with cilatro (Coriander) and steamed vegetables. I know ... I know ... Gourd does not sound very appetizing but I happen to love it (the way I make it). It is super healthy and actually recommended for people interested in weight-loss.

This & That

Yesterday, I forgot to wish Happy Birthday, to my favorite poet and lyricist - Gulzar. He is single-handedly responsible for my interest in words, sentences, metaphors, and eventually poems. I wouldn't have been a poetess if he wasn't the poet that he is!


Nutritional Value of Bottle Gourd
75g = 10 Calories, 0.2g Protein, 0g Carbohydrates, 0.1g Fat, 2g Fibre

Week 1 | Day 3 | 19th August 2009
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