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Pot Belly? Love Handles? Spare tire?

Oh! I am so tired of the bloody-belly-fat. I have four-abs but the last two look more like a tire (not a truck tire but definitely a bicycle-tire). Although, I do a splendid-job of concealing it under my fab clothes :P. To add to my misery my summer indulgence (mangoes and lychees) haven't helped in shrinking it one bit either (of course!).

Lately, I have been sooooo tempted to try one of those off-the-counter pills to melt away this dreadful stuff that wobbles when I jump up and down (at the gym, where else?). But I DO know better, so I try and remind myself (my own preaching) - "If it doesn't seem like work, it probably won't work". Damn you, sweet-tooth!

My insightful trainer informs me that the belly fat has mostly to do what I eat. I did know that, I was just hoping she would have a magical solution for me, instead of her words of wisdom. No, Really! Her suggestion to me (besides re-assessing my diet) is to start climbing the stair-master and running on the treadmill like there is no tomorrow.

I have had these last five-pounds and stubborn-fat stuck to my body since over a year now, which just-wouldn't-GO! Right now I am not even able to derive any motivation from ogling at skinny celebs.

I love vacations, but after that follows these deep-dark-clouds-of-guilt ....

India Shining?

I don't think I am an activist, feminist, or any "-ist" for that matter but there are just somethings that gross-me-out. However, who-or-what I AM is Ms. Practical (besides Drama Queen, but this is not the time for humor)!

My recent visit to my country made me realize how inconsiderate most indians are (which also reminded me of a dialogue from a Hindi movie - "I like India, but not so much the Indians"). I assume people lack the common sense or rather sometimes common courtesy to each other. How else would you explain well-educated, well-travelled, city-bred people throwing trash/chocolate wrapper etc. out of their moving cars? Or pushing each other at the airport to grab an empty cart? Or honking at cars in-front when they can clearly see there is a traffic-jam?

I do not believe that it's a matter of illiteracy or lack of awareness. It is simply disregard of the complete existence of people whom we do not know and hence don't care about (therefore, can push-over). Nevertheless, if we do happen to know them then we will just say a lame sorry (which we most-certainly-don't mean) and continue pushing our way forward! Footnote : These are not any new observations on my part. I have just found a medium to share them now, though!

Bottom-line : I do not see, India Shining!
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