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Skinny or Healthy?

May be it's my age or wisdom or both (although I doubt it :P) but over the past year I have come to believe that 'health and fitness' are way more important that just weight-loss. I remember 5 years back when I had started on this path everyone (especially back home in India) thought that it must because it's 'my age' to get married! [Can you believe it?] It made me reeeeally mad at that time that people were making these assumptions about me (which were NOT true at all).

[Just to give my non-Indian readers a heads up: back home girls generally start loosing weight around early 20's as it's supposed to be an ideal age to get married and chubby girls would have a hard time finding suitors. Shock alert! It's actually the girls' parents who make them sign up for weight-loss programs (not gyms) which include massages and some electric-silly-treatments! They also go on some crazy-ass-diets (which I'll save for another post)!]

Anyhooooo, I continued to stay fit and healthy even after I found an eligible suitor [Enter - Mr. Fabulous]. Contrary to most women who gain weight after marriage I have gained muscle ;o) So the point I am trying to make here is that I have realized that it's more important to be hale-n-hearty than to be a 'certain' weight on the scale. We need to have hobbies, eat green & colorful food, get away from our laptops/computers and spend some time resting our eyes! [Oh! God I sound like my Mom but at least I have learnt my lesson!].

Wondering what my parameters are to judge, if I'm healthy? Here we go -

  • Never having to use the phrase - "Oh! I'm tired and I will do this later."
  • Waking-up with a burst of energy in the morning
  • Having no kind of pain/aches/ailments in my body 
  • Maintaining a high metabolic rate with no digestive problems
These are just to judge if I am healthy. Don't even get me started with my standards of fitness!

Book Review - Don't Lose Your mind, lose your weight by Rujuta Diwekar

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My BFF (we all should remember her from one of my February posts, Click here) recommended that I read this book Don't lose your mind, lose your weight because she thought it sounded a lot like me! And I have to say Rujuta (the author) saved me a lot of time by writing this book (:P). Jokes aside, I loved the book!

Mostly, I read health/fitness related books to increase my knowledge and stay motivated. They help me reinforce my beliefs and stay on track. Besides, reading different point of views and experiences gives one a complete picture, really! So I ordered the book through Amazon as it's an Indian Publication and read it cover-to-cover in less that 2 days.

The book (like most health-oriented books) focuses on about all aspects of a human body (from waking-up-to-going-back-to-sleep), nutrition, eating-right, awareness, etc. However, what makes it different from all the others books I have read is it's ability to connect with the reader. It's written in very simple & basic english and explains what you should do (or not) with practical reasoning. A lot of times while reading the book I went, " Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Now, that makes sense".

Steps she recommends to stay healthy:

  • Wake up close to sunrise - [I do. Yay! for me.]
  • Eat within 10 minutes of waking up - [I started eating from TODAY, because her reasoning convinced me.]
  • Within an hour of Meal 1, eat a nice, home cooked breakfast - [I am working on it.]
  • Eat every 2 hours after meal 2 - [I do. Double Yay! for me.]
  • Eat your dinner within 2 hours of sunset - [I do. That's a hat-trick, Yay!]
  • Sleep at a fixed time - [I do. Is there a prize, or something?!?!, besides good health?]
What I liked the most about the book was the message that it passes on. Focus on healthy living (eating) and weight-loss shall consequently follow...!

Her book has motivated me to -
  • Pay more attention to my breakfast
  • Plan 8 meals to eat in a day (of course small portions)
  • Say NO to chocolate ice creams (I was having them WAYYY too many times)
  • Take up Yoga again!
It is a very good and motivating read for anyone looking for right direction, especially Indians!
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