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Fashion Junkie

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I believe I am a fashion junkie. Let me make it clear here that, not 'shopping' but fashion, is what attracts me. With time I have managed to develop my own fashion sense and discovered what works and what doesn't work on me (and sometimes also on others). I am one of those people for whom designers think out of the box for and wish someone would take risks and try something new. I like to be on the edge-different-experimental from rock chic-bohemian-hippie-biker girl-classic Hollywood-to anything! I am someone who tries to make a statement without really being in your face. And I do all this without really going crazy on shopping or spending a lot of money on clothes. How do I do it? Well, that's my trade secret but I am willing to share some pointers if anyone is listening...

I do not like 'copying' someone's look. If I like what someone is wearing you can bet I will be adding my own twist to it. I don't make any effort to dress according to what's in fashion (unless of course it's going to highlight my toned body *wink*). If I already own something which is in fashion then it's another story, though!

9 out of 10 times I can also create a new look with stuff I already own. I just simply have to mix & match my accessories and shoes and - Voila! I am brand new! 

Someone had recently honored me with the title - nonconformist and I carry it with pride. I do not like to wear something just because it's in fashion. I like to wear my mood! and it would be very out-of-character for me if I didn't agree that I LOVE it when people stop by to compliment or when their heads turn to get a second look (not at me, but my clothes I assume)! 

Benefit of Doubt ... ?!?

I feel the world is becoming culturally challenged. They are in some sort of a hurry to label people and move on... Bringing stereotypes to life! And, somehow I always manage to get myself involved in discussions where I am representing the case of the 'weaker-link' [I had often been advised to study law]. I simply can't stand it when people club a group of individuals together and declare their judgement, "All EFG are XYZ!" Have you met all EFG? [EFG being a group of people having a same sex, religion, or nationality, etc.]

My first interaction with a multi-cultural environment was in high-school (more like culture-shock). First year was extremely rough because I didn't understand the 'culture' or even why 'high-school' was such a big deal! I guess, back home I was being brought up on a very sheltered turf. Anyways, eventually I caught up and by the time I was in college (which was 100 times more culturally diverse than high school) I was a little more comfortable with people from different backgrounds! 

Now, looking back, I can honestly say that I never formed any preconceived notions about any nationality or culture. I took my sweet time before I made-up my opinion about anyone (or anything) and mostly based it on hard facts. But I was never (I know - 'Never say Never' - But I am saying never) stereotypical about it! 

I personally think we should be very careful about what we say and how we think. It's our words and thoughts that is forming our society today more than actions and education (considering we have very well-educated terrorists nowadays). Besides we all know everyone is different. It's simply unfair to label countries and religions ( ... then we wonder why certain people are so bitter?!?!). 

Like my dad says, we should be extremely patient with people; you never know who might surprise you. Everyone deserves a 'benefit of doubt'!

Ever heard ... Innocent until proven guilty?!?!

Judgmental, Opinionated, Straight-forward ... et al


Judgmental, opinionated, straight-forward and many more (on similar lines) are few adjectives I have often heard people associating with me and I don't mind because everyone has a right to their opinion, after all! What I do wonder is that why are all these magnificent adjectives always used in 'negative' light? Why is society hell bent in proving that these attributes are not 'qualities' but only short-comings of a person?

Of course, don't judge a book by it's cover but surely it should be all right to judge it by it's content? I am glad I am judgmental because, to me, it means that I use my brain and give some thought in forming my 'judgments' about issues, people, situations! And same goes for being opinionated (not self-opinionated!). I know the dictionary defines this as being unduly adhering to one's opinion but if someone has clearly sought after all the possible reasons and options and then calmly formed an opinion to which, he/she would like to stick to, I assume it should be acceptable!?!?

But being straight-forward is apparently the biggest crime of all. If you answer a straight Yes or No to a question and do not indulge in any explanations - Guess What? - You have offended the person questioning you! I definitely do not mean to say that one has to be rude while being straight-forward but hey! it does save a lot of time if you are not sugar-coating every word coming out of your mouth. Also, it leaves very little margin for anyone to twist and turn your words around to mean something else all together...

Another set of words which I truly feel are tortured by us all are - sacrifice and compromise. I do not think they lack the personality or need to be seen with empathy and/or pity. I do not know why people always evoke thoughts of suffering and distress when they hear them. These are words (or actions) which form great relationships and in turn, society. They are, in my opinion (because I am opinionated) symbol of personal growth and wisdom. Don't get me wrong, I'm an individualistic (and a HUGE fan of Ayn Rand) but I'm definitely not selfish and self centered.

Mostly, what people think (about me or my thoughts or othewise) does not bother me. What does bother me is how they think!

Crunches are a WASTE OF TIME!


I am really really bummed today as my weekly Tuesday Pilates class has been cancelled (for good!?!?!). It has been replaced with Cardio Salsa (My emotions - What the @*&#!). Nothing against Salsa lovers but it's my twice-a-week Pilates class which has beautifully sculpted my power house a.k.a Belly region. Thanks to Pilates I am able to admire myself for hours in the mirror ! :D

Anyways, since my first post a lot of people have inquired about Pilates; and today seems to be a perfect day to profess my love for it. People, Pilates has completely changed my life and body. I stumbled upon it about 4 years ago and since then I have never looked back. The technique and equipment used in this activity helps in body-balance and shrinking your waistline. In just first 2-3 months I had lost about 4 inches from my mid-riff alone (and I am not even being-Drama-Queen-about-it).

In comparison to Pilates, crunches will seems like a waste of time! Really! There was a point in my life when I used to do about 300 to 500 crunches daily and that did nothing for me!

Pilates is an excellent workout for anyone who:
  • wants to strengthen their core muscles, 
  • finds Yoga boring or monotonous, 
  • wants to increase their balance and flexibility 
I wish I was writing this post as a publicity for some Pilates Studio or instructor and get paid for saying all these wonderful things. But nevertheless, It's all true! Everyone should give it a shot and see for themselves. In the mean time I am going to sulk about the cancellation of my class and try and figure out other alternatives...

Still Struggling to Stay Fit!

LivRelief 3

So the Fabulous month of February is over and I have no excuse but to be back on my 'fitness-bandwagon'. Although right now I'm fighting a throat infection (which makes me cough like an old-TB-patient). All the coughing is refraining me from doing any exercise at all but I am still doing the best I can (crunching my abs during coughing - It's working!!!). Everyone who know me well enough would believe that I am CRAZY enough to do this :o)

But Hey! now I have no reason to get off-track. The Party is over. So need to return to Life! To help me even more, few of my college friends posted some pictures of mine from my past-FAT-life, and that worked wonders and motivated me enough, to continue on my path to wisdom (of course health, I am just trying to dramatize it :P)

Also, the summer is coming and I have always craved to wear all those itsy-bitsy clothing. All my life I have refused to wear anything that didn't flatter my body but I think I am finally ready! I just might have to plan a vacation to some beach-y place to flaunt my hard work *wink*. All these dreams also go down as my morning pep-talk when I am trying to get myself out of bed to hit the gym.

This is another post without any real message or point, I guess. Simply sharing my constant struggle to stay fit and over come my personal hurdles. Although I am sharing another 1000 calorie menu of mine on popular demand:

Fruity Cereal with Nuts (200)
Fat Free Milk (80)

AM SnackCheese on Whole Wheat Crackers (200)

Vegetable Stew (250)

PM Snack100-calorie Popcorn pack (100)

Vegetable Pilaf (300)

Total Calories - 1,130
P.S. You can always add lean meat to your stew or pilaf. Simply read the Nutritional Value on the label and MEASURE your food to stay within the calorie count! Also, often if time permits I eat my lunch and/or dinner with an interval in-between, i.e. divide the full portion in two halves and eat with an hour interval in-between.
That's all from me today!

Please wish me speedy recovery because I am dying to HIT the gym!
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