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New Year Resolutions

May be it's the end of the year or may be it's me-being-me, but I am feeling a little reflective today. I guess it happens to everyone, every year. We begin to tally our year's balance sheet of achievements/disappointments and happiness/sadness and then make a plan for how we want the next year to look like. But (as in life) the year is only what you make of it. That's where New Year Resolutions come in, for most of us. (Trivia - Survey shows that most people give up on their resolution by the 26th January of the new year)

I don't remember making new-year-resolutions until very recently. I don't recollect why, but knowing-me it must be to stand-out and not follow the herd in 'making-resolutions'. However, my earliest memory of making a resolution is in 2006. I was taking an after-supper-stroll with my favorite uncle and we started talking about the coming year (2006) and the changes we would like to make in ourselves. That's when I decided that my resolution would be - "to not give advice unless asked". It was a good resolution for me because I seriously had to practice to speak only when spoken to and not impart wisdom unnecessarily. I can honestly, say that I achieved it over the year and with time I have taken it a notch higher - "don't take it personally when your advice is not accepted". I guess, the point I am trying to make is that new year resolutions do not come with expiry date. They actually mean that you have decided which step you want to take this year for 'the rest of your life'.

In 2007 & 2008 I did not make any resolutions but again, in 2009 I decided I wanted to do 10 pull-ups in one set by the end of year. Clearly, it meant that I could not do even one pull-up until December 2008. However, with Veronica's help and my crazy determination I was able to achieve that in less than two months. I cannot do them with ease, but I can still do them! (I was inspired by an Indian movie - Ghajini for this resolution.)

Again, it's the New Year's eve and I have not yet decided on any resolution. I guess, I do not have my Uncle here to help me reflect and neither am I inspired by anything around me. So I guess, all I hope is that 'may I come out a better person by the end of 2010'. Happy New Year, everyone!

P.S. I got my first 'Yawn' on the pervious blog spot! I guess someone doesn't like my fashion sense, seriously! Opppss!